The good news is I’m getting LOTS stronger. I did two reps at 195 this morning, no trouble at all. Two sets of 185 for three reps, no trouble at all. I haven’t made any particular progress on my weight though. I’ve been getting into too much trouble and I’ve got to get my head focused. I’m bored at work and that’s part of the problem. Must adjust head now.

Doing damage; the not good way

I’m definitely back on track. My eating has been pretty correct for the last couple of days. I fell into the food trough for the Superbowl, but I’ve gotten myself up and out and I’m good to go now. Unfortunately on Monday, I reinjured my left shoulder. I could feel something not good when I was lifting and I backed it off a bit. I iced it like a good dog, but that wasn’t good enough. I woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like I’d been shot in the shoulder. The ache was like a broken bone. I took a bunch of Advil yesterday and it seems to be better today. It woke me up again but wasn’t nearly as bad. I’m supposed to bench again today, and I will be very very diligent with my form. (say very like Elmer Fudd)

Whole Wheat english muffin
3 slices turkey ham
slice reduced fat cheddar

Myoplex Bar

Slices of ham

Protein pudding

Seared ahi
1/2 avocado
WW Tortilla

Fat free ricotta

Focus focus focus

Apparently it was absolutely necessary for Beauregard to alert me to the cat walking on the fence at 3:29am this morning. And again at 3:33am and again at 3:47am. So I’m up, the dishes are washed, the gym isn’t open yet, it’s 41 degrees, and I’m ready to go. That’s a good thing. Much less coughing, I’ve been using an inhaler and it’s helped. I spent last week getting used to being in the gym again and I should be good to go this morning. I forgot to buy lunch food for the week. I got breakfast, snacks and dinner covered. I have some Costco Sirloin burgers in the freezer so I think I’ll have one of those today and think of something else for the rest of the week. One of the gals at work, we’ll call The Raven Haired Beauty here for the sake of anonymity brought me some 40+ vitamins. Her fiance is a trainer and she used to work at a gym, so when I got sick she brought these in to me. I tried them out yesterday and they rock, so we’ll see how it goes.

Waking up from my virus inspired hybernation

OK, I haven’t lifted in a while, I’m still hacking and I’m pissed that I’m still hacking. My throat hurts, my lungs hurt and my back hurts. I just want it all to be over with. I just want to go home and to bed but I have a haircut tonight at Blow Salon I’ll be home by 8pm though. I know I set this up so that I could go to yoga first, but I haven’t been to yoga since January 7th. I’ve been ok with my eating, but not great. I’m moseying back towards on track right now. I will be en fuego by Monday. I think I need a steam bath right now, that sounds peachy.