Heading the right direction is so relaxing. It really doesn’t take any extra work. Doing the wrong things causes me a lot of stress. My boss has lightened up on me for some reason. I don’t know why I was getting whipped like a bad dog in the first place. It certainly provided grist for the stress eating mill. I haven’t screwed up in two days. Not one piece of candy, no carmel macciattos, nothing. I’m at 207 today. I’m off to a cardio workout in a few. It’s finally not raining and a little pointy earred devil would like to go for his morning walk. We’re heading into another holiday weekend and I’d like this one to work out better than the last one. NYE we’ll be at Teatro Zinzanni, I’m pretty fired up about this. I looked at their online wine list. I was going to bring wine, but they’re serving a Shafer Merlot. I’m done like dinner. They’re also serving Grand Dame, so there’s no where for me to go. Saturday will be an excellent free day!

This weeks routine
1 egg 1/3 cup whites
2 slices lean Canadian Bacon
Shredded Wheat with nonfat milk

Protein Bar

Apple and String Cheese

Turkey on ww sourdough

Chicken breast sauteed with spices, little bit of wine and spinach over ww pasta

ricotta cheese and blueberries

U-Turn and some political ramblings

OK, nothing like a good old fashioned U-Turn. I’m down 3 pounds this morning, feeling much better, fired up to get to the gym this morning. It’s pouring out so a little black and tan man won’t be getting his morning walk. It’s all good, he doesn’t want to get his little Doberman footies wet anyway. They’ll melt if they get wet doncha know. I got my registration for Napa in the mail yesterday so I’m good to go on that one. Feeling very strong it should be good.

How many police officers does it take to bring down a crazy dude with a 3 inch blade? Apparently in New Orleans you just shoot the guy 9 times. Apparently NO police officers are only trained to shoot to kill. Note to self, do what the NOPD says, it’s all or nothing with those guys. I’m not crazy so I would do what a police officer asked me too. However, Mr. Crazyhoppeduponcrack or whatever his issue was didn’t get the memo. That’s fair, Crackheads don’t read memos from the NOPD. STILL, nine shots, all potential kill shots? Boys, take a Xanax, that’s overkill. Ask the guys on CSI. Did you lose your stun guns in the Hurricane? OK, good argument, but just shoot the guy once and see if he goes down, cuz if your shoot him nine times, he’s going down cuz he’s dead. How many cops were surrounding that guy anyway, and how did you not shoot each other if you were in a circle? Or did you just form a firing line? Take a page from NYPD. Y’all need some therapy, you’ve been through hell, get some help. Or maybe this is how NOPD has always done things, there’s just never been so many cameras around before…

Wrong Way Do Not Enter

I’m so on the fast track to complete demise, the road to hell. I don’t even know what’s going wrong. Actually I think I’m retaining water. I hit 211 this morning after eating pretty well yesterday. I guess it is what it is, (Rumi or Rumsfeld, take your pick) but I must turn the train around. I just filled out my application for Napa. 19 days to right the ship. Perhaps taking yesterday off except for going to the gym was problematic. I had a great workout yesterday. When I first got up I had a food hangover from Christmas. Then I took a nap around 11 and when I got up the 2nd time I was good to go. Had one of the best workouts in a while, but not showing any results this morning eh?

Feeling kinda Buddha

Holy Cannoli Batman, check out that photo! My friend looking fantastic and me OMG. Who is that bloated blotchy mess desperately needing to shed 35 pounds? This is embarrassing. I’m putting this picture on my blog to remind me to step away from the food trough. I’ve been pretty good over the holidays, only up 3 pounds from our starting weight. It’ll probably be off in a day or two, but all we need is a picture with 3 or 4 chins like this one, next to a friend looking amazing to send us to the gym. I’m there brother! I will give myself accountability by posting pictures as we go. I’m setting my New Year’s Goals, I don’t do resolutions, I set goals for the coming year. I’ll post them when it’s together.

Twas the night before Christmas

And somehow, my weight has remained stable. Don’t know how, but it has. I have been working out fairly hard and haven’t missed the gym in a while. It’ll be shut down tomorrow, but no worries. Of course there is a couple of quickies I have to run out for right now. It’s 7:20 in California so it’s cool, I’ll be the only one at the mall for about an hour and then it’ll be on. Then it’s off to either yoga or the gym. I haven’t decided yet. Still PMSing, now six days in the hole, I just love getting old. Did I ever mention that I’m 47? I don’t intend on growing old gracefully, I will fight every step of the way.

Why do people become a-holes at Christmas?

It’s been a very rough week. My boss dressed me down in front of my branch and I’m still stewing two days later. What’s really sad is it was so unnecessary. Luckily it didn’t sent me into a tailspin. It sent me to the gym, mad as hell. It’s wrong. So I sit at my desk appearing to be hard at work, but I’m blogging.

1/2 english muffin
2 slices Canadian Bacon
1 slice low fat Jarlsburg

Fat free cottage cheese

BBQ Turkey breast sandwich

String cheese

Dinner will be
brown rice

dessert will be
Chocolate Mousse fortified with protein powder.


Rock and Roll

The holidays are tough on BFL. I haven’t done a great job, but I haven’t done a terrible job either. Moderation is the answer to getting through this 6 week gamut and I’ve been keeping it on an even keel. I’m off to the gym in a minute. I had a very good cardio workout yesterday. I did an extra 15 minutes after I finished the BFL workout and then put in 100 machine crunches after that. My cycle is due any moment and that’s not helping matters at all. I’m also trying to get to the gym closer to 5am than 6am as starting 1/2 all of the New Years resolutions will be at the gym, not knowing what they’re doing and generally screwing up my life. While I need surgery, which I usually schedule in January to avoid the 6 weeks of New Year’s resolution people, I didn’t lose enough weight this year to do the surgery. My knees are shot. Riddled with arthritis and in desperate need of the buff and shine and some adjustments to stop the damage. But the Doc said that I needed to get some more weight off before she’d operate. Fair enough. I’m down 25 but I want to get another 35 off and then have the surgery. For now, off to the gym. No scheduled parties this week. If I can stay out of the office goodies I’m home free.

1 egg 3 whites
Shredded wheat and nonfat milk

String Cheese

Chicken and grape salad

Roast chicken sandwich

Pork Chop
Roast potato


Yoga mojo

I got to yoga class yesterday morning. That’s been a long time coming. There’s a class 6 miles from my house, but no, I have to drive to Berkeley to go to Funky Door I used to know Lynn back in the day in SF. She was our spinning instructor. We’d do an hour and a half spin class with her and then go do an hour and a half Bikram yoga class at 20th and Eureka, whatever the name of that studio was. I think they’re still there. The instructor there would tell us about a car wreck she was in where the Doctor’s told her she’d never walk again and how yoga had allowed her to live her life. Yoga may save mine now. My knees are crap, my SI joint is crap and my shoulder is crap. I’ve committed myself to once a week, I would be nice if I could go more, but the commitment is only one class per week. I used to hit yoga twice a week and that really helps but right now once is fine. Anyway, I do miss those three hour workouts. God we were tough back then.

Thursday Christmas Party obstacle course

I have two Christmas parties today. It will be an obstacle course. I got much of my shopping done last night in the City. Spent way too much, but who doesn’t? Some lovely gifts for some friends and my brother. I don’t know what to do about the Ministry of Disinformation (my Mother) but I still have 9 days. She’s old and has everything she’ll ever need, although she continues to find things to spend money on. Yet she can’t Christmas shop for the family any more. which is why my brother and I will be attending Christmas at the Royal Tennenbaums.

My weight is fluxuating around wildly right now. I’m not sure what’s up but for the most part, I’ve been behaving. I’m taking today as my free day. There will be too much crap around all day so I took a break from the gym this morning (cardio) and I’ll make it up on Sunday. Of course the following Sunday will be a free for all.

Critical to my success is getting to the Chiro. Once a month should do it, but I really need to get my butt over there once a month. Then once a month for a massage and if I alternate every two weeks with one or the other, I should stay on course. I got my elbow adjusted yesterday. I did not realize how compromised it was until she adjusted it and it started feeling better. This is a great thing. I backed my max goal off 10 pounds on the bench and that’s been helping too. I don’t think I’m as “back” from my shoulder problems as I’d like to think. Still, next up January 14 in Napa. Hoo Ya!