On the other side of a downward spiral

This is going to be a little hit and run but there is so much going on and so much for me to say.

Trump.  Is anyone actually paying attention to this guy?  It’s Munich 1931 all over again.  Want to know how a country can go mad?  Watch us go down this path.  It’s terrifying. Building a wall to keep out the Mexicans.  Throwing out all of the Muslims even though they are as Constitutionally protected as your dear firearms.

And Orlando.  It’s all rainbows and unicorns until some nut case shoots up a gay bar.  Now you pissed off the queers and they are coming for your guns.  That damned Obama, seven years of waiting for him to come for our guns and that lazy SOB didn’t do a thing.  Shoot up a queer bar and y’all are going to get disarmed.  You just screwed with the most organized sector in America.  These guys had to fight to get a bigoted President to acknowledge a pandemic.  Taking away your AR-15 is child’s play for them.

And Hilary.  I know we all have to hold our noses and vote this year.  Easily the less of the evils but dear Democrats did you not have anything better to trot out there?  Seriously.  That’s what you got?  Of course the same question could be asked of the Republicans.  Ted Cruz?  Marco Rubio?  And that wanker from Ohio?  You didn’t have a single normal person to trot out there?

Whiskey.  Tango  Foxtrot.



How sweet the sound

Well this was a good week to be an American.

gay agenda


I gotta agree with 2001 Britney.

I am quite shocked that this SCOTUS arrived at this decision.  I thought the court was so loaded by the Bush’s that it could not arrive at this decision.  48 years after Loving v. Virginia they finally righted another wrong.  Well some of them.

Oh the irony!

Thanks Obama.

Speaking of irony, enjoy this little gem.

There should totally be some accountability for that one.

Next up, the confederate flag.  Last time I said the conversation would get confused.  Didn’t see the confederate flag thing coming, but seriously, why?  Take it down.  I’m part German.  I don’t fly a Nazi flag as part of my German heritage.  It was a horrible part of my heritage’s history, just like slavery was a horrible part of US history.  Take it down.  We all have a lot of bad history.  History is the past.  We make our future.  It should not involve racism, bigotry, or hate.

It really was quite a week.  The Boston Marathon bomber was sentenced this week too.  The Charleston shooter should get the exact same thing for what is essentially the exact same crime.  They hated a people that weren’t like them and they killed them.  They should both swing.

And finally, Obama.  If Presidential retirement ever gets old he should preach.  Seriously.  He tore it up yesterday.

He certainly doesn’t have a singing career in his retirement but he sure can preach it.



What it is

There are no words for how pissed I am at the right wing douchebags right now.

Nine church going Americans lie dead and these assholes are deliberately confusing the conversation.  They are doing it because they don’t want to face the fact that we are the only civilized nation that has this kind of gun violence.  The rest of the world is asking what the hell is wrong with us.  And I have to concur.  What the hell is wrong with us?

Rick Perry, total asshat that he is called it “an accident”.  Hey jackass!  Was it an accident the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time he reloaded?  WTF?  WTF?  Not an accident.  A deliberate act of terrorism against black people.  Period.  It has nothing to do with Christianity.  I has everything to do with hate, racism and guns.  He hated black people.  He was a racist.  He killed them with guns.  Period.  End of story.  Everyone else?  STFU.  Period.

Oh I know, one of Rick Perry’s flying monkeys said he “misspoke”.  Bullshit.  Bullshit.  Did I say flying monkeys?  No, he’s the guy the follows the elephants in the 4th of July parade and scoops up the elephant shit.  That’s who said he misspoke.  Sick of it.

And seriously, what the hell is he talking about?

And Jeb Bush?  Arguably stupider than his idiot brother.  We don’t know if racism motivated white supremacist shooter?  Who we?  You got a turd in your pocket?  Any thinking person knows that a white supremacist is motivated by racism you ass clown!  You, are way too stupid to run this country.  Way too stupid.

Donald Trump.  STFU.  Seriously.  I bought the property from some Chinese guy?  STFU.

Who else?  Who else wants a piece of me this morning?

Until each and every one of us calls out racism, bigotry, sexism, prejudice of every kind when we see it, this nation will not change.  The thing is, it seems to me we are heading back to the 30’s.  At what point do we start segregating buses, lunch counters and water fountains again?  That seems to me to be exactly what Rick Perry, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump want.

Been a long time

I know.  I know.  I suck.  But I’m here now.

The problem is I don’t turn on the news any more so I am slightly less pissed off these days.  However, I do turn on the interwebs so let’s buckle our seatbelts kittens because the stupid is deep.

Mike Huckabee.  Moron.  Here’s the quote “We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity”.  No we aren’t you moron.  When I was a little kid we sang “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, be they yellow black or white they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.”  It doesn’t say all of the Christian children but not the Muslim ones.  It doesn’t say the Christian ones but not the Jewish ones.  It doesn’t say the Christian ones but not the Buddhist ones.  It says all of the freaking little children you ignorant shits!

Miss me?  Thought so.

Speaking of ignorant.  Paul Ryan.  Free school lunches give kids “an empty soul”.  Now, I would assume that means that Paul got free school lunches when he was a little tyke and that’s why he is such a soulless ignoramus.  No, you idiot.  Free school lunches many times are the only meals these kids get.  There is no food in their home.  There is no leave it to Beaver June Cleaver putting out fresh cookies and milk when they get home from school.  There is no one picking them up from school.  There is nothing to eat.  If these kids can’t get some nourishment somewhere they can’t learn and then they will be just as stupid as say Mike Huckabee or Paul Ryan.  I used to have a friend that taught school in East Oakland.  She said that the kids would be going to the nurse with headaches around 10am every day.  BECAUSE THEY WERE HUNGRY AND HADN’T EATEN SINCE LUNCH THE DAY BEFORE.  Little undernourished brains can’t learn.  Clearly Paul Ryan and his undernourished brain don’t know that.

I am just amazed at these idiots who think their experience is the only one out there.  Their mom made them school lunch and they went to a Christian church and they had clean sheets to sleep on and a roof over their head so pull up your bootstraps and make it happen Pilgrim!  Idiots.

Studies say that the lack of nourishment actually depletes the intelligent quotient.  So does hopelessness.  So poverty makes a normal human being dull.  Now what Paul Ryan or Mike Huckabee’s problem could be I don’t know but that’s why it’s so tough to get out of these neighborhoods.  The programs that bring hope to the hopeless change lives.  Feeding hungry children changes lives.  Being a money grubbing Mr. Scrouge just makes you an asshole.


The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.

Well, we started off last week with the second dumbest decision of the current Supreme Court of the United States.  The dumbest decision was Citizens United and the dumbest of all time remains Dred Scott, although these guys are well on their way to a modern day Dred Scott decision.

These nincompoops are a product of the Great Communicator and the Bushes.  Elect morons to office and they pick morons for the court.  The biggest turd is Scalia, a turd that lies on the doorstep of the Right Wings Great White Hope, Reagan.

SOME HOW, in this country, your religious beliefs now allow you to discriminate against women.  That, friends, is utter bullshit.  It’s utter bullshit for numerous reasons, but the most important reason is that the Bible never, ever, ever instructed it’s believers to be assholes.  Not once.  So this argument and the Catholic church, who with the unholy alliance with the Mormons brought us Prop 8 are now running the country.  Welcome to ‘Merika.

It’s interesting to me that the Catholics who currently sit on the SCOTUS have forgotten that a mere 50 years ago, it was a big question as to whether or not this country would elect that Irish Catholic guy from Massachusetts.  His father never could become President and that was the thing that guy wanted the most.  There is a  cost for forgetting history.  It usually presents itself in the form of extinction. Yet this Court got themselves out on a very slippery slope from which there is no retreat.  And the Catholic Church is spraying the hill down with oil.

My religion doesn’t allow for any science so I won’t provide for any medical insurance at all, nor will I provide sick time, we will just pray over the sick.  My religion says not to associate with gay people so we won’t hire any.  My religion says that anyone with AIDS should not have a job.  My religion says that women should serve their husbands so I won’t hire any.  My religion says women should obey their husbands and never leave the home for anything.  My religion says that people of color are an aberration and must be exterminated.  My religion says that Hitler was right  and all Jews must be killed.  Where the hell does it stop?

Well it appears to stop at my religion sacrifices chickens to the beat of the African drums.  My religion says I eat an ital diet and smoke the ganja.  My religion says I fast for Ramadan and pray five times a day.  That’s where it stops.  And that is utter bullshit.

  • “Approving some religious claims while deeming others unworthy of accommodation could be ‘perceived as favoring one religion over another,’ the very ‘risk the [Constitution’s] Establishment Clause was designed to preclude.” ~Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg

So get your chicken sacrificing, ganja smoking Allah praying ass in line and bow down to the Knights of Columbus, you’re new god.

In Birmingham they love the Governor

This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.


I just don’t think it gets any better than this. Of course if you’ve been following his friend Sean Hannity at all, yes, it does get better. The truth is, there is no good news out there. If you want to know the truth you have to go out and read about it on your own.

Now I didn’t have the ability to search Bundy’s title from here but this guy did.  Unfortunately he broke the first rule of title and didn’t run out his legals.  (Click the links etc, I know OTG is going to)  It’s only 10 acres, but….   Looks like he has an ancestry.com account as well.

This is arguably the funniest bit on the whole thing.  Not really funny haha.


You’ve got the brawn, I’ve got the brain

Veteran’s Day.  Seems like a good day to be pissed off about something.

California, the land of fruits and nuts they’ll tell us.  Well, STFU.  California has given more than any other State.  Including the one that still can secede from the Union and none of us would miss.  STFU.

I went to San Francisco three times in the last three days.  Every day you go to San Francisco from East Jesus, you drive by Lafayette.



Photo by Falcorian

I think the number was 6905 on Saturday, the day I took BART in.  It is a poignant reminder of every serviceperson who has given their life in the two wars Bush got us in to.

Yep.  Bush got us in to.  I know some assholes would like to revise history to call these Obama’s wars but they aren’t.  They are Obama’s inherited mess.

Condoleezza Rice: “I believe the title was ‘Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.'”

Bush: “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.”

Condoleezza Rice apparently thought that was good enough.  As far as I’m concerned responsibility for all 2996 who died on 9/11 and the 6905 service members who have been killed lies in that conversation.

Hillary Clinton spoke to the National Association of Realtors on Saturday afternoon.  Lots of outrage before the fact by the usual Right Wing asshats and Teabillies.  Half assed news coverage of what really occurred.  And as usual, the real story was ignored.

Mrs. Clinton is the ONLY human being to have served this country as First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State.  The only one.  Maybe she has something to say?  Some teabilly jackhole popped off on the CAR website with “Who’s going to see “Hillary” this weekend?  Why is she even a speaker to begin with?  What’s that all about?”

Well you ignorant pile of parrot droppings, last year Condoleezza Rice spoke to the National Association of Realtors.  She’s got 10,000 bodies on her resume.  And as much as you idiots try to make something out of Bengazi that isn’t, Mrs. Clinton has none.  BTW, nice job lying on 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago.  And shame on CBS for getting hoodwinked again.  Do you idiots even know what journalism is any more?  How many times has this happened now?  Well, one really big time that ended Dan Rather’s career.  And when was Dan Rather wrong before?  Let’s see…oh yeah, 1981.  Yeah, James Brady is still with us.

Back to Mrs. Clinton.  It gives me hope that people in positions like her think like her.  The crux of her speech was that this country runs best when our middle class is healthy.  Part of that health is home ownership.  She also spoke to how this country runs best from the center, not from the extreme right or left.  And how we needed to put citizenship over partisanship.  She talked about how our standing throughout the world has been hurt by the jackassery (naturally my word not hers) that is occurring in Congress right now.  She talked about meeting with the top Asian leaders while we were screwing around with the fiscal cliff and what that was like.  Basically she said if we want to continue to be the world leader that we should be, we need to stop acting like a bunch of jackasses and take care of our business.  She’s right.  She pointed out how embarrassing it was that our President could not fly to Asia for a meeting of the heads of state because our government was shut down.  They stupid shit hurts us.  All of us.

I can only hope that the mid-terms bring a wave of discontent that washes us free of the teabillies.  And John Boehner.  I’ve had it with that guy.  I want to see centralists in there and I want our government doing what we pay them to do.

Interestingly I heard a guy say last night that Obama wasn’t business friendly.  Seriously?  Have you looked at the stock market?  The guy who isn’t business friendly is Bush.  This business friendly crap is just that.  Business friendly and socially responsible are not mutually exclusive.  Case in point: Howard Schultz.  Exhibit B?  Craig Jelinek.   Both companies pay their employees a living wages and both companies are extremely profitable.  So the Waltons, Mitt Romney and Bain Capital and all you other robber barons can go piss up a rope.  You are aware that as taxpayers we subsidize all their bullshit…right?  When a Walmart employee doesn’t make a living wage and needs SNAP to feed their family, we pay for that.  Yet the Waltons just throw another bucket of money into their treasure chests.  I haven’t been inside a Walmart since Long Beach Mississippi when we got cheap jeans and boots to go into New Orleans after Katrina and you shouldn’t either.

I know killers in the streets


I know y’all have been waiting for that shoe to drop.  Well, drop it like it’s hot.

I have no opinion on Syria.  It’s such a FUBAR mess that I can’t make a decision.  My Libra is in full effect.  And who knows who is telling the truth.

How I see it.

Assad used Weapons of Mass Destruction on his people.  Plain and simple.  He did it.  The evidence is there.

That act is despicable and outside the acceptable parameters for war.  Period.  It should not be tolerated on any level and there are repercussions for that behavior.  If we cannot defend the defenseless what good are we?

How would we feel if someone gassed Americans?  Hopefully outraged.  We were outraged at the death of the Kurds in 1988.  Why are we not outraged at the death of 1000 Syrians.

Alternatively, are we the world’s police?  Sometimes we are and sometimes we aren’t.  The same shit has been going on in Africa but we don’t want to intervene there.  Double standard?

Can we make a “surgical strike” and be done with it without killing and injuring innocents?  I would say from the air? No.  Send in a Navy Seal team?  Yes.  OK, now what is our target?

And how can we afford this shit when we can’t afford to lift up the needy in our own goddamn country?  And morally should we?

One of the big problems is that in 2003 we were told the Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and this country was duped into a war.  Why do we forgive this?  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Here we are 10 years later and we’re being told that Assad has weapons of mass destruction.  This time we don’t want to go in.  But this time there are bodies stacked up like lumber.  But we don’t want to go.  For the most part the Republicans don’t want to go to Syria where there really are WMD’s but did want to go to Iraq where there weren’t any.  Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

This time I think there really was a chemical strike on the opposition by Assad.  Why are we letting politics get in the way of doing the right thing?  For once the right thing is right there in front of us.  Kind of like Bosnia.  And we are blinking.  Because if Obama said the sky was blue, all of the Red States would argue that it was purple.  And really, how stupid is that?

Loaded up and truckin’ we’re going to do what they said can’t be done

The stupid is strong.

Check out this article and the response by the 11yo kid to the racism he was subjected to.  Sebastian FTW.  Racist assholes have a little problem on their hands.  They are about to be outnumbered.   The United States is heading to the mocha slush I predicted 20 years ago.  I originally thought it wouldn’t happen in my life time, but I’m beginning to think it may occur in the next 25 years.  Which hopefully is my lifetime.

What?  That Old Repulsive crew from the late 80’s and 90’s has been decimated by way before their time deaths.  There were four Advisory Title Officers.  Me, Teri, Jon and Jimmy.  Jon died of throat cancer at 52.  He never smoked or chewed.  Jimmy was 51 when he died of liver failure after he received blood tainted with hep during his back operation.  That leaves me and Teri.  And I suspect there is a death pool.  For the record, I intend to win this thing.  My money is on me.

Of course this is front and center on everyone’s mind with the passing of Princess.  Her funeral was Wednesday.  I spent a lot of time on the AIDS/Lifecycle processing what happened.  What else do you do on a bike for 10 hours a day over 7 days?  I was able to peel away the recent years and remember a lot of the good.  A lot of the old crew showed up for her funeral.  Her mother was afraid that no one would show.  The mortuary was packed.  Even the people who the evil clowns dialed in on forgave and showed up.  The funny thing is Princess’s sister is a knucklehead drug addict and her brother is a head case.  They both did most of the speaking.  She would have been outraged.  I watched the whole affair and thought “this is not what she would have wanted.”  The only redeeming quality was something that her son wrote that the deacon read with him standing there and a heart-wrenching story told by her ex-husband.  He never stopped loving her, despite what he went through.  He never said a bad word about her to me ever, even through all the crap.  He talked about the day they were married.  They took off to the Virgin Islands alone.  And the story had a punch line which was proper for any story about her.  She was 49.  If you’ve had chemo please go get your ticker checked out and make them explain the correlation to you.  Princess was out of moves and this was inevitable.  I was reminded last week that I predicted this.  I reminds me of the finale of the Sopranos.  There’s nothing left to say or do.

About that ride.  I love Day 6, it’s my favorite.  We leave Lompoc and head to Ventura.  I don’t love the part where we ride on the 101.  I almost got pasted this year outside of Mussel Shoals.  I was riding on the far right side of the bike lane and the road dropped off a bit.  I lost traction on my rear wheel and then when the back end of the bike had come around I caught traction which started to propel me into traffic.  On the 101.  I turned into the fishtail and corrected.  And then pulled over and let my heart rate return to something normal.  I try not to be stupid but every now and then when this sort of thing happens I think “God wasn’t ready to punch my ticket yet”.  That was a close one.  Years ago a friend of mine spun out on Mullholland Drive.  We hit the bridge.  If we had been five feet short we would have been in the ravine.  The car was drivable.  My famous quote “Give me the goddamn keys and don’t you dare say another word.”  I drove the car back to Santa Barbara.

Anywho, I love the Gaviota Pass even though it’s dangerous and you have to be really careful.  I love coming around the corner at El Cap and I love the reception we get in Santa Barbara.  This is Phyllis.


Phyllis is 102 years old.  She was sitting out on Meigs with her family waving a flag for all the riders as we went by.  She was awesome.

Sometimes the people as we go by are the best.  These guys were out in the driveway in Lompoc.



Meet Smokey.  He had on his best dress for Red Dress day.  Which was Dress Red Day for about 15 seconds 12 years ago.

Did I mention that we raised $14.2 million dollars?  It was the largest AIDS fundraiser in history.  We broke all records.  Did you know that AIDS was the number one cause of death worldwide?  We did something amazing to stop something terrible.  I’m good with that.  And in spite of how rough of a time I had this year, I signed up for next year.  Whether I ride or not is another story, I will have to re-evaluate in January.

And I totally lost my mind last week.  Not exactly.  I had something hanging over my head for the last year or so.  The lean green machine has 211,000 miles on her.  She would do weird things and scare the crap out of me.  Repairs can be huge.  And my mechanic is stuck in San Carlos with an ankle bracelet.  So I would have to use all of my AAA 200 mile towing to get it over to him if things went sideways.  And probably lose days of work.  I loved that car, but it was time, past time.  Way past time.

lean green machine

She was a trusty steed.  It’s time for her to be moved out of service.

I ended up doing the right thing, even though the original plan was not to buy a car that day.  I wanted to know what I needed to do to be in the position to get a new car because I needed one badly.  My credit is so battered that I figured it was going to take more cash and time.  Turns out I had the cash, and making the payments on this new one will give me the time.  The sales guy kept asking me about color.  I am the worst car buyer ever.  I don’t care about color.  What color?  I don’t care.  Do you like the light colors?  Yes.  Your car is Oxford Green do you like the dark colors? “Yes”.  Any color you don’t like?  No.

So here she is, the new addition, who obviously needs to be named.  I’m thinking Devil in a Blue Dress or Ol’ Blue.  Suggestions?




She’s a six on the floor.  This car is not for pussys.  It is a driver.  The steering and suspension are much tighter than the old one.  And it’s freaking quick.  Basically I can take out anyone on the line with this thing.  I shouldn’t, but I can.  I just have to remember to shift.  That’s been the latest issue.  I’ve only owned two automatic transmissions in my life, the lean green machine and my 1975 Camero.  Two stick trucks, the Mustang is three on the floor and the MX6 was five on the floor.  I remember years ago I almost bought a GMC that had three on the tree.  I kind of wish I’d done that.  It’s a 2008 but that makes her 7 years newer than what I was driving and she has 150,000 less miles on her and 40,000 left on the warranty.  Yeah, the BMW warranty!  Woot.

A huge weight is off of my shoulders right now.  That’s done, I paid off a large credit card last week, I rehired my housekeeper and the office finally solved the transaction coordination debacle.  I even told ownership that solving that made a huge difference in my business.  Basically she forced me to quit using my person and use hers, who was a buffoon.  I was ready to leave when our Team Leader called me in and told me they were bringing back the best that ever did the job for the office.  Then they solved the Broker Review issue.  That’s always been a bug a boo.  The original one, if I saw her coming, I would leave out of the back door to avoid the 45 minute conversation that would grind my soul down to a nub.  The next one couldn’t use the system and we never got paid on time.  The next one consistently moved the cheese to the point that I actually ended up screaming at her to quit moving the freaking cheese.  Now we have this grandfatherly like guy who is reasonable, gets to our stuff on time and I’ve gotten paid on time ever since the new system is in place.  It is freeing up a ton of my time and has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders.  Are you still reading?  I thought not.

Kill the headlights and put it in neutral

Sometimes I wonder, which one is the real Satan.  Is it Rick Scott?  Could it be Jan Brewer?  Or Chris Christie?

Rick Scott has brought us the less than successful welfare drug testing program.  Yep, 96% totally clean at a great expense to the State of Florida which actually exceeded the cost of the program.  Well played asshat.  The truth is that the right wing narrative that welfare recipients are just sitting around on their ass taking your tax dollars and smoking weed all day turned out to be doo doo.  The truth is that most of society would prefer to carry their own weight.  Even the black people.  And the Mexicans.  And the immigrants.  Who knew?

Funny thing about those immigrants, they work harder than the folks who are born here.  As a matter of fact 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in 2011 were founded by…wait for it…immigrants or first generation Americans.  So Jan Brewer and all those other shriveled up nasty people in Arizona need to just STFU.

Chris, I want to like you, that’s the weird thing about you, I want to like you.  You make it so hard.  He termed his weight as “It’s really the only still-acceptable form of discrimination in our country.”  Really Chris?  Because James Holmes walking into a Colorado movie theater and shot 71 people.  He killed 12 and injured 48 but because he is a white boy from San Diego no one on the right is calling him a terrorist.  Those two clownshits in Boston are Muslim and the right wing is wetting themselves to call those two losers (Uncle Ruslan was right) “enemy combatants.  These guys were just two losers.