God’s gift to ballroom notoriety

Today is like Jeopardy, it’s Potpourri!

First up, someone lost their Doberman up in the Gold Country. If you see this girl let’em know.

Taxes Extension all done and sent off to the Gobment with a check that I’ll have to figure out how to cover in the next few days. It’s all a funny money thing anyway. The State owes me enough to pay the Feds and my accountant, but I can’t get it until I pay the Feds and my accountant. I’d like to think it’s the first step to getting everything starting to run in a stream lined fashion here. Or dream that it could be.

Let me just talk for a minute about people who waste an agent’s time. I showed our property on Rudgear Road to a guy yesterday. The whole time he bitched about having to back out on to Rudgear Road and how he didn’t know how anyone would want to do that. Well, the people who have lived in this place since it was built in 1946 have backed out onto Rudgear Road for 63 years, as have the neighbors and really the other 50 people who own property on this street have since the road was built. If you didn’t want to be on a busy street, why did you drag my ass up here? It’s a freeway exit fergodsakes. Then the guy faxes a laundry list of what’s wrong with the property to my office. Dude, don’t bid on it. It’s simple. Yet this guy continues to try and talk me down on the price. It ain’t my house. I don’t care. There’s a guy who’s number will be going in my phone so I know NOT to answer. Or there’s the guy who bid $100k OVER on a shell of a house against my advice. The whole time I’m telling him that I think it’s going to be at the very least $200k to fix the thing. When he arrives I say “It’s 200k minimum to fix this thing”. Inside I say “It’s 200k minimum to fix this thing”. When he calls and wants to place an offer at $100k over I say “It’s 200k minimum to fix this thing”. I explain to him that his bid makes this property finished a minimum of $365 per sq foot if it can be finished for my minimum guess of $200k. Property in the area is selling for $345-$370 per sq foot. I ask him about 100 times if this is really what he wants to do. So I write what he wants. We get down to the last possible second and we’re one of five counters. He ups his offer and I send it in. An hour later he calls me freaking out because he’s afraid it might cost $200k to fix the thing and wants to withdraw his offer. He’s in my phone so that I will never take another call from him.

Rita has gone insane. And she might not live through whatever is up her ass these days. Saturday night I was awakened by the familiar sound of a dog peeing. Except I should never hear that familiar sound in my bedroom. I threw the dogs outside, mopped up and went back to bed. I got the Spotbot out the next morning and cleaned everything up. This morning I’m waking up and both dogs are hopping around like they do and then I hear the familiar sound again. She probably now understands that she needs to rethink that plan. This is a dog that went out for 30 minutes before I went to bed. And it’s not like I even sleep 8 hours or 7, more like 6 and change. She’s out in her box right now because that’s the only place she can go where I don’t bitch at her. Bubba is sneaking around her making sure he doesn’t get on the dog shit list. I don’t know what has gotten up her ass but right now she probably wishes she could get my foot out of her ass.

Auntie arrived yesterday. She’ll be here a week.  It’s always excellent when Auntie arrives.  Rita spent the evening acting ridiculous for affection.  Bubba looked at them as if to say “But I’m cute too.”  And he is.  My icemaker doesn’t work so I went out and got ice trays so she could have a cocktail. When you drink beer and wine you don’t need ice cubes… unless you live in Texas.

Speaking of Texas, Gov. Perry, isn’t that considered treason? Granted we mention California seceding from the Union here now and again but really we’re kidding, sort of. Actually, I think if Texas leaves California can stay.

BMW has a new toy that they may be bringing to market soon. I welcome the concept but am a little unsure on the execution. While I don’t drive an SUV, I am the perfect SUV customer. I have an active lifestyle and really could use a vehicle where I could safely alternately tote my dogs, my bike and my friends. With that sloped back I don’t know how any of those fit in that thing. That’s what I like about the X-5 but I hate the mileage on that thing.

The best tea bag party was in Walnut Creek yesterday. Some guy who was young enough that he probably hasn’t paid a nickel of taxes in his life standing out on Ygnacio Valley Road with a sign that said “Honk if you want less taxes”. Utter silence. 46% of this country believe that their tax liability is fair. And well there is a little difference, this is taxation with representation. Why is it that when Progressives protest they need to get a job but when Conservatives protest it’s patriotic? I was really hoping to end with some picture of some numb nuts with teabags hanging from their glasses…

Take only what you need from me

Y’all are lucky. I don’t have a damned thing today. Nuthin’, nada. It was going to be dog pictures and a video, but then something came across my radar, so today is going to become a link dump, with dog pictures and a video.

Over at Luxury Home Digest, one of my favorite real estate blogs, this is their offering today. We’ll file it under “Things are tough all over”

Biker down, via one of our favorite biker blogs, Drunk Cyclist. David Meek, totally preventable. To all the asshats out there who think it’s funny to buzz us in the bike lanes, I hope our gentle readers take down your plates and report you before you kill another one of us. Or maybe I hope a bigger bully jacks you up, you impotent piece of shit.

Jon Stewart had Sandra Day O’Connor on the other day. Only 1 in 3 Americans can name the three branches of government. Strangely 75% can name the judges in American Idol.

And I’ve been meaning to comment on Rush Limberger’s comment about “I hope he fails”. Why are we still listening to or giving any air time to this arrogant, hateful, egotistical, bloated, drug addicted sorry ass cheeseball excuse for a human being? For the record, I never hoped that George W. Bush failed. I ALWAYS hoped that the little moron would dumb into the right answer for the sake of the nation. Bush never failed to disappoint me. As for the Cheeseball, I can only hope that he gets to experience first hand what Michael J. Fox is going through. His asinine comments on Fox’s condition earned it. Then tell us how it is.

I was chatting with a pal yesterday about John Yoo. She asked what to do with him. My answer was prosecute him. She’d like him disbarred and forbidden from ever teaching law again. And prosecuted. But the point of the story is her final punishment. His sentence is served while he has to sit and listen to the Constitution being read to him over and over again. Because he missed that day in law school.

OMG is it time for Wine of the Day?

I got a couple of bottles of Cline Ancient Vines Mourvedre 2006. Contra Costa County grapes. (can you use Oakley and terroir in the same sentence? Is that blasphemy?) Now I thought the only thing ancient in Contra Costa County was the agents down at a certain YVR office, but apparently there’s some old grapevines too. I got a couple of bottles because it was on the nickel sale at BevMo. I don’t know what I was doing there. Sleepwalking probably. Anyway, it’s a big, thick, jammy conglomeration of flavors. Dark plums, chocolate, a little Dr. Pepper, gentle on the forward with a clean tannic finish and the perfect wine with my Monday red beans and rice fare. I think it was $12.99 a bottle and really for that price, you can’t go wrong. I may go back and get two more.

And as promised,



Is it me or do those dogs have the exact same look on their faces? And they never met.

Song I’m feeling today

[youtube bIEOZCcaXzE]

All the vampires walkin’ through the valley

I just read this on Twitter…yeah Twitter:

“How to keep warm ­during the credit crunch? Burn a banker.”

Too late.  Then for some reason my sleepy exhausted brain connected the dots.  Probably because when you say banker I think about my Uncle who was a banker.  And then it hit me, like a hot kiss on the end of the cold fist, his name was Bush.  The last time I was this worried about the economy and my personal station in life this much, we were picking up the pieces from another Bush Presidency.  This guy presided over the failure of the Savings and Loan industry.  Sound familiar?  And the economy ended up, well in a free fall.


The thrift my Uncle worked for failed back then.  He never recovered.  Ever.  And I blame Bush Sr. for that.

Here we are cleaning up the mess of another Bush Presidency.  When will we learn?  The banks are failing now, there are people who will never recover.  And they have families who will miss them.  Just like all of the service people who have given all for that Presidency.  For the love of God, can we not elect another Bush?  None of them were ever worth a shit.  Their idea of conservatism is really feudalism.  We all suffer when a Bush is in office.  Clinton cleaned up the last mess and Obama has inherited this mess.  For a guy who wanted to exceed his father’s accomplishments, I say Mission Accomplished.  In spite of your father’s monumental shortcomings, he is dwarfed by your shortcomings.  Mission Accomplished.  They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  It is insane to ever consider voting for another Bush.  Ever.

I really believe that most systems will work if not for the human condition, more pointedly, greed.  Communism works if not for greed. Socialism works, if not for greed.  Fascism works if not for greed.  And Capitalism works, if not for greed.  Greed, not the Cold War or the Great Communicator brought down the Soviet Empire.  And greed is bringing down our empire.

How do you curtail greed?  Regulation.  We don’t need suffocating regulation, just a checks and balance system to weed out the riff raff.  And then someone that understands where the vig is.

All day I face the barren waste without the taste of water

I believe this is the height of arrogance.  You steal your customer’s funds to bonus out your jackass CEO run your business and now you want to use those misbegotten funds to pay your creditors?  Return those funds that you were holding in trust to their rightful owners.  If y’all haven’t noticed there’s a new Sheriff in town. Barney Frank seems to be his Festus.


In other news

Bubba is not responding to the raw regimen.  He’s losing weight in spite of the amount I’m feeding him.  I’m feeding him three times a day.  He’s getting almost two pounds of raw meat and bones a day and I’m backing that up with potatoes, ground lettuces, yogurt and eggs and he’s still losing weight.  And his stomach is bothering him a lot.  I have no idea what the next plan is.  It’s very lean here at the Farm right now.  Experimenting with high end dog food isn’t what I can afford to be doing right now.

In similar news, I have a friend who is needing to rehome her dog.  She’s one of us in the business that’s been struggling just to get through the day.  They’re going to have to move and not in a good way.  Here’s the sweet little girl.  She’s shy but quite a lover.  If anyone is looking for an already trained sweet dog, here’s her cute little mug.  Give me a shout and I’ll get you connected with her.  She’s very concerned that this dog goes to a good home, and we know PBE readers make good pet owners.


There’s someone in my head but it’s not me

I’m screaming busy, but there is so much I want to comment on. So for now, a link dump with quickies…and quotes.

“This bill needs to be cut down,” Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on the Senate floor. He cited $524 million for a State Department program that he said envisions creating 388 jobs. “That comes to $1.35 million per job,” he added.

He must have been talking about the portion of TARP that deals with executive compensation.  The talking wonks seem to think that it will create a “brain drain” by limiting compensation to $500k and the companies will fail because of this limitation.  No, these guys screwed up and that’s why their companies are in distress.  You want my money to fix your screw up, well, I’d like my money to bail my own damned self out.  Y’all are damned lucky I’m not in government.  I’d limit your pay to $120k.  Really.  I’m not kidding.  You’re a bunch of bloated over paid cry babies.  Shut the hell up.  When you’re ready to bail me out of my mess, I’ll get ready to bail you out of your mess.  What a bunch of arrogant self entitled bull crap.  When you asshats start getting the kind of phone calls that I’m getting, and I know a lot of my readers are getting the very same phone calls, then maybe I might be interested in sitting down at the table and negotiating but right now my home phone is toxic and I’m probably turn it off just to end the stress that comes through on that line.  So you want what from me?  I’ll bet there’s over 500 title and escrow officers out there who, if they haven’t turned off their home phone are thinking that’s a pretty damned good idea at this point.  I know of several who have already lost their homes.  And I’m supposed to rally around the idea of giving some turd who was probably born with a silver spoon in his mouth $7000 of my tax money that I don’t even have in the first place?  At least there’s some controls in this version but Christ on a crutch.   And I do not agree with Huffington that it isn’t enough.  Put 3.5 million Americans back to work and that’s how trickle down economics really work.  Those 3.5 million now need goods and services and that puts more Americans back to work and now, NOW we’re finally talking.

Speaking of talking, Joe the Plumber, shut the hell up.  Your fifteen minutes are over with.  Why is anybody listening to your ignorant ass?

Here’s a great example of your tax money being pissed off by a bunch of overpaid asshats at work.  Uh boys, you don’t want to get caught like AIG did.

And it is a new world order.  The 9th Circuit delivers a smackdown to the bigots.

OK, I’m obviously really pissed off this morning.  I gave blood yesterday and used their Alyx system.  I woke up with a bone crushing headache this morning.  Four Advil at 4:30am and I slept until 8.  Y’all that know me know I don’t sleep until 8am.  Then another four Tylenol and my head still hurts and my brain is sponge, but at least I can function, sort of. It was either the blood donation or the phone calls from Pinnacle Financial.  They collect for T-Mobile and I owe T-Mobile some money.  Really not much.  They called me twice on Monday, twice on Tuesday, again on Wednesday, again yesterday when I screamed at them to stop, since I told them on Tuesday, I’d pay them as soon as I could.  Then they called again Wednesday, Thursday and this morning.  I’m buying a whistle.  I can’t believe that it’s ok to harass someone like this.  I acknowledged that I owed them some money but really, the house payment, PGE, insurance and food come long before an old T-Mobile bill.  I promise you, I will never use T-Mobile for anything for the rest of my life.  Anyone who knows me in real time knows how long I remember a deed.  Back in 1978 the crew at the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam treated me very well.  I have been drinking their beer, almost exclusively for 30 years.  A couple of nice guys at the brewery and they got 30 years worth of loyalty.  Nice job T-Mobile.

But it’s not all bad, check out this story.  We find the good when we look for it.  Maybe there’s a future at Starbucks for all of us.

And a shout out to another cool company.  Twin Six Cycling apparel is donating half of all receipts today to their LiveStrong challenge.  Very cool.  So if you cycle, today’s the day.  They make a women’s XXL jersey that actually fits me.  It’s pretty cool.  And of course, if you can spare a fiver or so, I would love the support in my ride.

And finally, God love Gladys.

[youtube 83JDXXKzOXg]

Down in the west Texas town of El Paso

Hola!  I thought you were supposed to use an upsidedown exclamation mark with that.  Guess not.  Today I played in the ocean, spent too much time in the sun and learned what the big friggin deal with the time shares was.  These guys get paid $135 for every referral that converts.  That is a lot of pesos.  They get one conversion out of about ten referrals.  Kind of like the cold call rate.  You knew I would know those numbers. 

It is a sad day in the wine world.  I just could never imagine getting to the point that there was only one solution.  Of course I spend a tremendous amount of time digging through piles of horse shit looking for ponies.

I have one thing to say to those 244 Representatives.  OK two.  One 2010.  The other?  Quit being a bunch of freaking babies.  Your way didn´t work.  Quit being a bunch of pouty babies.  Get on board.  And one more thing.  2010.  Seriously, we´re all paying over $4k each for the last stimulus plan that paid untold amounts to unnamed executives and you assholes are voting against this?  You are a bunch of freaking babies.

For some reason I´ve been thinking a lot about Beauregard on this trip.  It´s so weird.  He was the youngest animal I have lost.  The last two years have been such a whirlwind/nightmare and now I have a couple of days to reflect and my dog´s dead.  How the hell did that happen?  I mean I know how it happened.  He had cancer.  He woke me up at 3am and he couldn´t breathe.  The cancer was drowning him, but how did that happen? 

When I get home I have a USDA Prime rant ready to go on lenders.  I know you can´t wait for that one.

Dream about the days to come

Must be the season of the witch

ORTC announced yesterday.  And then they ducked.  The shoes thrown from the audience went sailing over their heads.  Ouch.  That’s a lot of scratch.  Still A to Z has the balls to hang on to his core staff and we salute him for that.  Can’t wait for the rest of the announcements.  FNF on Wednesday February 4th and FAF on February 26th.  Dinty Moore steps up to the plate on February 19th.  And NASCAR Teddy?  I guess he’s down at the Gobment office trying to get his COBRA straightened out.

The Rules of Law School

First rule of law school: Don’t sue anybody that doesn’t have any money.  These guys must have missed that day.  Speaking of missing days at Law School, The Constitution.   It’s really not the long of a document.  A lot of stuff is just spelled out in it simply.  Like this:

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

It’s one sentence.  Roberts could have fit it on the back of a business card or written it on his palm or clipped it to whatever the hell he was holding.  Am I not surprised a Bush appointee couldn’t get the Constitution right?  Are any of us?  And finally, the Second Rule of Law School:  If you can’t tell who the asshole in class is after the first 15 minutes, it’s probably you.  This actually applies to any structured learning situation.  Real Estate classes in particular.


I’m actually heading out on a vacation next week.  I have no idea where I’m going to be, how I’m getting there or what’s going to happen when I get there.  I’m not much of a control freak, but I do like to have a skeletal structure in place.  I don’t have this going on for this trip and it’s a little nerve wracking.  And I haven’t been out of the country since 1979.  Granted they didn’t like us much then either, and I don’t think it matters that much in Mazatlan, it’s just that I think about that sort of thing.  And Sully isn’t flying my plane.  And I’m concerned about getting some parasite or bacteria or weird bug.  And I should probably just calm down and take my golf clubs with me, but I don’t want to lug them.  Jury’s still out on that one.  I did have a dog psychic talk to the Hellhoundz and let them know that even though they’re going to a kennel not to worry, I will be back in six nights.  Yeah, I’m a little tweaked about this trip.  She said Bubba already knew about the trip but that Rita was concerned about being cold at night.  I’ll be sure she has a warm bed.

1-22-bubba Mom, you’re an idiot.  Love, Bubba.

Pushing thru the market square, so many mothers sighing

In an interesting twist, today, the day we as a country celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth, is also the last full day of the Bush Presidency and the eve of the inauguration of our first interracial President. Because he’s only half African. He’s 100% screwed. He’s taking over this country in the worst shape it’s been since the Great Depression. Even the Post War recession can’t hold a candle to this mess. We’re mired in two endless wars. The jobless rate is kissing double digits. We’ve seen huge businesses fail. Not counting Mercury Companies and LandAmerica, there’s World Savings, Wachovia (same reason really) Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, Downy Savings, Circuit City, Mervyns, Mother’s Cookies and that’s just the one’s that jump out of my head this morning. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I saw Warren Buffet interviewed yesterday about Obama. Strangely, it made me feel better about the whole thing. Buffet essentially said that he was impressed with how smart Obama was and the fact that he understood economics. Now there’s something refreshing. Buffett’s best quote of the night was “Since 1776, you don’t want to bet against America”. Or something very close to that. I can’t find the transcript this morning. I think he gets that we have to bring American jobs home and come to a middle ground on credit. A warehouseman and his housekeeper wife should not be living in a $600k house. (I did a sign off like that) Yet, you shouldn’t need a 780 to buy a house when you have 20% down. Those of us who are already in homes should be able to do a no cash out refi to drop our interest rate regardless of whether or not the place appraises for the original loan amount. They’re already on the hook, do the refi to preserve the asset. Hello!?! And if they bring American jobs home, Americans are making money again and putting it into the economy. Pretty soon we’re back on track. Then if we quit pissing away millions of dollars every day in the Middle East and go cut off the head of Al Qaeda (which we should have done eight years ago) we’ll get this country back on track. We are enacting some think tank Neocon plan from the 80’s right now and half of this country still doesn’t understand that.

But I was going to talk about race in America this morning. I have a very good friend who through all his faults, and there are many, was one of the fairest guys out there. If he were treating people badly, he’d treat everyone equally poorly. And if he were treating everyone well, everyone was equally treated well. He went out to an area back in the 1980’s that was famous for it’s covert racism. One of the first things he did was to hire an African American gal as his assistant. Oh my God they were up in arms over that move. She walked in to the interview with the skills, she presented well and that’s what he wanted. He had hired the one who would work best for the position for years and he wasn’t going to stop then. I always liked that he was so nonchalant about it. I wasn’t working with him at the time and he called me to vent about the other people who were working for him and their bullshit. I remember saying “They’ll get over it”. They did. I remember years ago another Escrow Officer who was an immense talent. They moved her out to here to build their operation. She had a horrible time out there because of the racism of the realtors and loan agents. She moved back to Alameda County. It’s gotten better since then, but it’s still not right. If we call it when we see it, we’ll get there.  I was talking to a friend of mine about racism a couple of months ago. She grew up in a pretty homogenized area. A black family moved in and there was a daughter in her class. She came home and told her father about it, who responded “She bleeds red just like you do.” I love that. We all bleed red.

In Virginia last week a little girl went missing. Unlike Caylee Anthony, it wasn’t all over the news. This little girl was developmentally disabled and if ever there was a story that should have been all over the news it was this one. Just like Caylee Anthony, Alexis Glover was found dead. Just like Caylee Anthony, the mother has been charged. You heard this story, right? Yeah, I know the answer. Why didn’t this child receive the same amount of press? Yeah, I know the answer.

So on the eve of the inauguration of the first President actually elected in the last eight years I feel like we’re standing at the edge of an abyss. We can catch our balance and go on our way or we can lose our balance and tumble in. I say we catch our balance. The Great Uniter didn’t do his job at all. It’s time we all did our job, together and bring this country back from the abyss.

So while Dr. King’s life was cut short and he didn’t get to see an African American sworn into office, he laid the foundation for this. It’s fitting that today we celebrate his birth as a nation and tomorrow we swear in the 44th President of the United States.

Legacy tour

He kept us safe for seven years. They’ve been all over every single news outlet repeating that bullshit. They forget he was in office for eight. If someone repeats that ignorant mantra to me one more time I believe my head shall to blow completely off my shoulders. So, because Olbermann’s my guy…

[youtube RtnE4C9Gv5U]

Winter, spring summer or fall

Every now and then, somebody puts a series of thought together and I read it and think “Damn, I wish I’d written that.” I wish I’d written this. And it’s probably pretty fun to be Tina Brown.

I asked the other day what the Hell the DOI was doing. Now we know. Wax. Wankers.

For those in the Bay Area, what’s with this weather? I showed property yesterday and didn’t need a jacket. It was awesome. I had the back door of the house open until around 7pm last night. How about a quote?

“After the anti-science Bush administration, this is like going to a Mensa meeting after eight years of being trapped in the Flat Earth Society.” – Daniel J. Weiss, Center for American Progress, regarding nomination of Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy

Bubba did great in dog school last night. He’s actually doing better in school than Rita. I think he’s a little less ADD. He will do a 1 minute down and he’ll do a stand properly. He did a lousy recall. I could go back in the archives and find stories of Beauregard’s recalls. They were the best, and he’s legendary at the dog school for them. He would gallop at full bore and slam on the brakes about 10 feet out and slide into position. I called Bubba last night and he just stood there. I guess he didn’t hear me. One of my Doberman pals showed up last night with her gorgeous girl. Bubba saw her come in from across the room. It’s weird how they know their own kind.

I’ve got a ridiculously full plate today, so there could me more later. In the interim and in lieu of real content:

[youtube W6r1175w_lM]

I could do without Celine Dion, but seriously, doesn’t Carole King look like Barbra Streisand’s therapist?

Right is only half of what’s wrong

File this under It’s About Damned Time.  And we may have another NASCAR Teddy Worst Person in the World nomination.  Did I read that right?  The former Chief Executive of Lawyers Title is calling the LandAm board out on that one?  Good.  They deserve it.  Now why does NASCAR Teddy still have a job?  Why haven’t the stockholders tossed the board.  Why oh why?

I was surprised to watch the Rachel Maddow show the other night and find her agreeing with PBE…I mean she didn’t mention me specifically but she talked about how whether we like or agree with the President, you still can’t throw shoes at our guy.   It reminded me of how Xica da Silva was at the dog parks.  At home, Beauregard’s ass was hers.  24/7.  However, if you were the unfortunate four legged schmuck who chose to pick on him at the dog park, your ass was hers too.  Because his ass was hers, it was hers to kick, not anyone else’s.  The only fights that dog ever won were the ones where Xica took point.  So, yeah, Bush’s ass is ours to kick.  I personally think he’s guilty of criminal wrongdoing that I hope the next administration has the balls to pursue.  But don’t throw your Iraqi shoe at him, because his ass is ours to kick.

The Guru, an old friend of mine, used to say that I would let a situation spin out of control just so I’d have a good story to tell later.  Don’t let the Guru fool you.  He was right there next to me watching the story develop.  Yesterday, I ended up with a Guru quality story.  It all started innocently enough.  I met my client out at one of his sites and gave him his HUD and escrow refund check.  (The package I received from the Fidelity owned escrow company was a complete embarrassment, but I digress)  Then we went over to another property that just came on the market.  I knew it wasn’t for him, but I was hoping the price would entice one of his buddies to get in the water with us.  As we stood at the property and chatted he said “Want to go get something to eat?”  Sure.  I let him pick.  He’s from New Delhi and I knew there was an Indian strip mall (really) up the road.  Sure enough, that was his pick.  We got there and the restaurant was closed on Tuesdays.  Drat.  He knew of another place and we were just about to get back in our cars and head away when we saw a sign that said “Curry Corner”.  What’s that?  I don’t know, let’s check it out.  Fijian food.  Have you ever had Fijian food?  Nope.  Want to try it?  Sure.  A word to the wise, try Fijian food.  Especially at Curry Corner.  First off, yelp is full of crap.  It’s Fijian food, not Indian or Pakistani or anything else.  Saras is Fijian and so is the food.  Second, this is the real deal.  There are two tables.  The restaurant is the size of a small suitcase.  It looks like something from another world.  She has no refrigerator.  She has a freezer.  She brings it in fresh and she cooks it.  If she has some at the end of the day, she gives it to the local homeless in exchange for minor chores…taking out the trash etc.  She told us a story about the day a big handsome cop came in.  She asked him how he had heard of the place.  He was talking to some random homeless guy in the park and asked him where he got his food and he told him, so the cop thought he’d check it out.  Yesterday she had fish, chicken or goat, some rice that was awesome, curried potatoes that were off the hook and a stewed salad thing.  Fijian food brings the heat and God knows I love me some heat.  There is no menu and we didn’t know what the bill was until the end.  Because we didn’t know until the end, we didn’t know that between us we wouldn’t have enough cash.  We each had $7 in our pockets.  Of course a little postage stamp of a place like that doesn’t take credit cards.  My client had just returned from India via England.  He asked her if she traveled and she said she did several times a year.  I have 10 pounds sterling, you know that’s right around $17 right now.  Will you take that?  Or we could go to an ATM and come back.  She thought about it for a little bit, he threw in a $5 bill on top of it and my lunch was paid for with 10 pound sterling yesterday.