Hands in their pockets feelin’ cheated

Lagniappe Good thing the Evil Empire is keeping quality staff onboard. Not so much. Wonder if she’s still the Manager of the Bellevue, Washington office…And the creditors in the Ted’s Excellent Title Adventure bankruptcy case want to cut the attorney’s fees. I’m sure it’s a very complicated case that requires hours of really smart guys […]

You can set my truck on fire, and roll it down a hill, But I still wouldn’t trade it for a Coupe DeVille

I’m funny about my vehicles. I don’t like the little lights on the dash to be on. So when BMW did the oil service and forgot to reset the little green balls, it pissed me off. I took it to the SF BMW because I had something to do in San Francisco that night. So […]

You’re just like crosstown traffic, So hard to get through to you

You know I never mention North American Title. They’re owned by Lennar and they have their own share of issues. Today’s another day, and I’m thinking that this is going to leave a mark… These corporate raiding suits are going to reach critical mass soon and it will be interesting to see how it all […]

The man who only lives for making money, lives a life that isn’t necessarily sunny

I had a little down time today, so I started cleaning up my office. It is still not set up so that it works, but it’s getting there. Things I found, $45 claims settlement from a suit against Microsoft. Another claim involving someone named Doral, which quite honestly, I don’t know what that’s about, so […]

The sign says long haired freaky people need not apply

For some reason, I’ve been noticing signs a lot lately. Signs of the apocalypse. Signs on buildings. Signs in general. Today’s curiosity was a Yogurt Shack. Signs said “Do not touch” on an award thingie by the door shaped like a guitar that, trust me, everyone wanted to touch. On the door said “No Restrooms”, […]

I’m drunk and dirty, don’t you know

Here’s a remarkably poorly written article. All of us title folks here know what really happens. There’s notice given at the Notice of Default. If you’re a renter, stop paying rent RIGHT THEN. You ain’t gonna see your deposit back and you’re going to have to move. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. The landlord […]

Ships were made for sinking, whiskey made for drinking

And now, for something competely different: [youtube KJzWGkgFcTU] Crossfit workout Yesterday I did the crossfit workout. It was 150 wall balls. OK, that was intense. I skipped Wednesday’s bike ride. Some critter bit my leg right where the calf attaches and then continued up my leg and bit me four more times. The one on […]

Tell them that you like it this way

My goodness, do I feel like an oaf. I’ve been blaming the Hauptmans all this time and it was really the fault of CoAmerica and First American Title that all the good title folks of California, Texas and Arizona lost their jobs last week. Wow! That’s embarrassing! It’s good to see that Jerry really cared […]