Let’s talk about no one some one any one

Oh Lordy, isn’t this the oldest real estate scam in the world?  Let’s see, Eugene Borelli?  Hell, he even had the balls to name his company Pyramid Real Estate didn’t he?  Who remembers that?  I guess we were supposed to think that Pyramid referred to the Transamerica building, not the scheme.  Or the preliminary reports with 32 deeds of trust?  Zev ben Simon essentially did the same thing.  He should have never left this country.  I think he’s still sitting in an Israeli prison.  He’d have been done with his light time in Lompoc by now if he’d stayed here.   I hate to see the Cuesta name dragged through all this, even though the original owners cashed out years ago.  Although the use of the term “mini-Madoff” is cute, at least to those who didn’t lose any money.

This story is trying to get traction, but the way I see it, the developer will just build some low income housing some place else to satisfy the requirement and leave it at that.  Wondering what OTG thinks.

You really have to eat the magic mushrooms and follow Alice through the looking glass to understand the logic applied here.   I wonder how many former Landamerica employees would like the opportunity to be working themselves out of a job right now, instead of collecting unemployment and paying $1300 a  month in COBRA to keep their family insured?  Yeah, like that.

Why Cathleen Galgiani is right.  One of my colleagues has a deal with Chicago Title’s REO division in SoCal.  It closed early last week and they STILL haven’t sent the commission check.  Now, if they were down the street in Walnut Creek, and he could go in there and ask an Escrow Officer in person “Where the Hell is my commission check?”, do you think he might have been paid by now?  Embarrassing Chicago.  Get your shit together.  May the Galgiani “Buyers Choice Act” prevail and may these REO divisions that don’t serve anything other than their corporate masters collapse under the weight of their own incompetence.

Let’s file this away under Just Because you Can, Doesn’t Mean you Should.  Now a bunch of executives who were paid millions and millions of dollars are going to claim that a bank caused LandAmerica’s undoing with bad investment advice?  Are you freaking kidding me?  You’re a CEO making obscene amounts of money, if you can’t invest the corporate funds diligently, then you are to blame.  Straight up.  You.  NASCAR Teddy.  You took the CEO’s salary, it’s your fault.  Period.

Let’s file this under What Evil Lies in the Hearts of Parker Kennedy Men.  The criminal in me wants to figure out where the vig is on this.  I know it’s all about angles.  Are they trying to take on The Google?

Speaking of The Google, I refuse to use Bing because it’s a Microsoft product.  For the same reason I refuse to drink any wine of the Foley Wine Group.  I’m hearing the Bill is relocating to Napa.  I’ll be sure to let him know I think he’s number one every time I drive past his place.

Speaking of wine, last night I caved to the little voices in my head and cracked a 1997 Freemark Abbey Bosché.  Time does Freemark Abbey’s wines good.  That 97 was great when it was bottled.  I’ve had it laying down for about 6 years.  The original tasting notes call it big and burly, but that’s never been my experience with Freemark Abbey’s wines.  I should know, I’ve been drinking them since 1980.  I wanted an elegant cab last night and I got that and a lot more.  It was full of ripe black cherries, cassis, even a little Dr. Pepper, with nice balance and a long gentle finish.  I had it with a filet that I just threw on the grill.  Perfect combo.  Currently it’s retailing for around $79-95 bucks.

Let’s finish on a high note.  This arrived in my mailbox a few days ago.  It’s the War Dog memorial.  I presume it’s the one in Guam from the lei.


I told her redneckness has got to be a disease

Here we have Rita dressed as a DOI investigator.


Sometimes it’s not great to be first.  Just ask Lizett Alcarez.   So of course the reports don’t quite make sense.  I’ll assume that she was providing paid for leads rather than lists off of Metroscan.  You know, the kind of leads that Alliance Title used, versus the ones they SHOULD have used.  Still, you don’t want to be the first on that one.

I’m hearing that bankruptcy is winding it’s way through court.  Financial folks might get something Alliance folks don’t even get a nice parting gift.  I had a discussion with another realtor and a stock broker at an event the other night.  We were both wondering why business and people for that matter no longer save anything.  Quite seriously if Mercury Companies had put money aside for the inevitable downturn they would have made it.  If I had time this morning I’d get on another rant about corporate responsibility.  And General Motors.  And how much the new Liberty Mutual ad campaign pisses me off because it has absolutely nothing to do with how an insurance company does business.  Unless they did a complete 360 their ads are straight up lies.


That bumper sticker on the back of that Liberty Mutual corporate van says “Proud to be an employee of a responsible company”.  I defy your corporate gods to prove that you’re responsible in your day to day corporate dealings.  You’re an insurance company.  We know who you are.

And finally, the dogs are taking their herbs (pronounced with an “H”)  I need to switch up their food, but her suggestion came out to around $9.60 per day to feed the dogs.  Can’t do that, so we’re looking for alternatives right now, including a deer hunting license.  Or befriending a deer hunter.


Rita doesn’t know what’s up Bubba’s ass, but she’s like him to stop.  He won’t.

I’m just an animal looking for a home

Today’s post is like tapas. Little tasty plates.

[youtube 7upG01-XWbY]

I’m still following LandAmerica, for all you former employees. I’m sure a lot of you are as well. I will say it’s becoming a fascinating bankruptcy. And I’m spending a lot of time reading the Times Dispatch. This one’s kind of interesting to me. If I’ve got this right, they’re calling themselves a creditor in the 1031 case so they can get the $65 million back that they lent the exchange company when their Gordon Gecko scheme ran amok, but they don’t want any of the people who entrusted them with their money to get that back? Oh my. Really? The judge said that the 1031 agreement papers were clear that the money wasn’t going into a trust account. I’d sure like to see one of those agreements. And I wonder what the sales people were telling the clients victims.

Oh, by the way Stewart Title in Alaska is looking for a receptionist.

We’re going to start seeing a gazillion of these. A good number of people are going to prevail as well. It’s about time.

And if I were in Virginia today, I would be doing this. When I got the email, I was all hopeful they were in Napa or Sonoma, but not to be.

Last weekend I went to Artesa and posted up a crappy picture of the amazing view. Well, today, this came across my screen. Down around numero 9 is Artesa. Too bad I didn’t really like their juice. Although I now have to add Merus to the tour. Look at that! Wow! Actually the architecture is one of the things that drew me to Clos Pegase. They call it a temple among the vines. He’s also an art collector so there are some amazing pieces around the winery. $14 million worth of art in the tasting room alone.

And who ordered up yesterday’s ass weather? A high of 58 and 25 mph winds? Or you kidding me? It was May 23 dammit! Thank God I went back home and put on a windbreaker. I would have died out there. I should have put on a thermal too. Especially at the part where I went up the back side of Moraga and dropped down in the Oakland and then Berkeley. It was foggy at 2pm in May ferdogsakes. WTF? I will say, I learned that it’s not the climbing or the distance. It’s the heat. I rode strong all day yesterday. I was even strong coming up the hill to the house. Tired but strong. In a fit of delusional thinking I believe I’m ready for the Sierra Century. I know I’m probably going to get my ass handed to me because it’s going to be hot. The bike fitting made a ton of difference. It allowed me to better pull through the pedal stroke and use all of my legs, not just the quads. My feet didn’t bother me until around mile 80 which is huge and my hands didn’t spend much time being all asleep and tingly. There was a ton of climbing yestrerday. 4400 feet. There’s always this big difference between actual mileage and mapmyride.com mileage. Mapmyride.com said yesterday was going to be 94. My bike computer said 86. I was supposed to go 86 yesterday so that’s all good, but I turned the wrong way on Wildcat Canyon and had to ride about a mile back. Any road with “Canyon” or “Pass” in the title is fraught with peril, Wildcat Canyon was no exception so I was pretty pissed at myself for having to come back UP what I had just gone down. But I knew Park Hills was in Berkeley and I was supposed to be in Orinda and that just wasn’t right. I checked the map on the iPhone and there was no way out but to go back up the hill, so I did. So next week is a shorter ride and then the Sierra Century and that’s the last of the really stupid long rides, probably for this year. I want to work on getting faster and a better climber before I add distance again. I did make it to the junction without stopping yesterday. I’m very pleased about that. All and all a good strong ride.

Declining numbers at an even rate

When I went to work for LandAmerica’s National Commercial Services, Jan Alpert was the CEO. She came up through the NCS system. She knew what it was like to actually work for the company. And it ran pretty well. Of course, not well enough for Wall Street, so in comes NASCAR Teddy. And we start hearing about one stop shopping. I don’t know what it is, but every time I hear someone talk about one stop shopping, I bristle. Can’t tell you why, I just do. It might be something like irregardless. That makes me bristle too. So part of their one stop shopping included this little podunk loan subservicing business that Billy just picked up at fire sale prices out of the bankruptcy. While I dislike one stop shopping, I really don’t like large conglomerates. If you asked the founders of Pontiac today if they would have liked to remain autonomous, I think they would have a different answer, simply because the brand is now gone. Because General Motors is a bunch of idiots. More on that later. But something interesting came out of that bankruptcy last week. It’s good, but the way the court allowed it to operate bothers me. LandAmerica agreed to fully fund the pension plan. Since I’m always looking for the vig, I’ve got to figure it’s here. Granted this is good for the employees who have lost their jobs and were in the pension plan, but let’s ask who those employees were? They’re saying it affects 9600 employees and former employees and retirees at the firm, but dollars to donuts NASCAR Teddy and his cronies are in there getting their grubby little fingers back into the pie. Of course this is couched like they did it to avoid having the Feds take the whole thing over, but to me, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…quack quack quack. And of course there’s the ongoing issues with the poor schmucks that chose LandAmerica as their 1031 exchange company. I just don’t get how that judge arrived at that decision. You hand a company money to hold in trust pursuant to a government tax scheme provision, the company commingles and then fails and still gets to keep it? They weren’t investing in LandAmerica, they were giving them their money in trust. Did they receive a prospectus? Bet not. Bad form all around.

Other folks who deserve my ire this morning.

[youtube ta8GdABQPHA]

And as we all know, I’m full of bad ideas. Yesterday was no exception. After that ride and this heat I woke up with no real direction. Not good. I could have cleaned my office, cut the weeds, bathed the dogs, set up my marketing campaign and folded the laundry or I could have pointed the lean green machine northerly and met my pal Luscious Lush for a wine adventure. Yeah, I chose B. I cannot be blamed for this. She was going to Folio. I’ve talked about these guys before. It’s Michael Mondavi’s project. It involves 2,3,4,5,6 different wineries, all small production, making very interesting product. One of my favorites is I/M, his wife’s project. She is solely responsible for my interest in Rosé. Yesterday’s vintage was the new one and it was amazing. Such strawberries on the nose, it was insane. I’ve never smelled that in a wine. It was dry and fruity glass of summery goodness. We met some cool people out on the veranda and Lessley made sure that we got to taste the best of what Folio had to offer. I left with a bottle of the Rosé and a bottle of Spellbound Reisling, because I never have any white wine here. And it was good. Kind of a melon thing going on but dry at the same time. Very interesting wine. We were there for a long time running through their amazing line up and some secret squirrel stuff not on the menu. That’s my kind of wine tasting adventure.


Next stop Artesa. This place is amazing for the view. The wine, not so much. It was ok, just after Folio, it was kind of pedestrian. And they were packed like a tourist destination and they pretty much ignored us and that’s not what I’m looking for in wine adventures. OTOH, the view.


Last stop Domaine Carneros. I thought I’d been here, but I hadn’t. I’d been to Domaine Chandon and they pissed me off. We were going to eat in their restaurant and everything was so freaking convoluted and pretentious that we left after the cucumber infused freaking water are you kidding me? I think their tasting fee was ridiculous too, I don’t remember what it was but the whole experience was gag invoking. Domaine Carneros, a lot different experience. They have a tasting restaurant sort of set up. Not as personal, Duckhorn has something similar, but it worked for this part of our day. We did a sampler and I’ve got to say, not a dog in there. I liked the Le Rêve. It’s a blanc d´blanc and had the fruity dryness that I like in a sparkling wine. We ordered a cheese plate that was full of tasty little cheeses. If they could just fix the air conditioning it would have been the perfect finish, but who knew it was going to be over a hundred the second weekend in May? It was still a pretty darned decent finish to a great spontaneous wine adventure.

When the dead start walking and the full moon shines

I hate to do this to y’all but, remember when I had that big email crash a couple of months ago? Yeah, that one. All of you title folks who sent me your information, I lost it. So not to worry, it’s not out on the internet in some weird place, it’s no where. At all. And now finally, I’m getting closer to roll out and I’ve got OTG’s contact info and a couple of other folks, but I really need everyone to resend their stuff. I’m sorry. Entourage sucks. Bill Gates sucks and sometimes I suck. Send it to winedog@astound.net.

Speaking of Bill Gates, I’m in the process of loading Windows and Microsoft Office on to my new iMac. I’ve had the software packages for about a week and have be dragging my feet. Yesterday I realized what the problem was. I think loading Windows on a mac is like putting 7-Up in an Opus One, blasphemous. So the Office stands unopened and while the Windows have been loaded, I’ve only started it up once. The point is to make my work easier by working on a desk top and not a laptop. And it will be easier. I’ve just got to get over myself. Of course the secondary problem is the condition of PBE Central. I’m hoping to get that straightened out in the next day or two. My old/now new housekeeper returned from sabbatical on Monday and life just shines and little better around here. I didn’t let them into my office because believe it or not, there’s a method to this madness.


OK, no there isn’t. It’s just madness. Those are stacks of MLS print-outs and receipts all over the main desk, bank statements that go back to 2008 on the floor. Those used to be in stacks according to bank account but then the dogs came in and danced around and now they aren’t. The war room board is about 10 days behind on information and I need to dump that television, I never turn it on and the remote won’t change the channel any more. (yes it has new batteries). And for some reason, all flies that enter the house fly all the way back to my office to be assklowns. They die there.

Now for a quick note about the Farm. And the “drought”. And my local water company. Their idiot program for the drought required you to reduce your usage by 15%. I live alone and I’ve always conserved water. If you ask me I’ll tell you that water is the next bugaboo in the State of California. I’ve been saying that since Enron bent Gray Davis over a barrel. Yeah, Gray Davis who I always disliked and always felt was a total dolt, but was forced to support due to the lunacy of the recall. At any rate, I have always been very frugal with water. I don’t use the bathroom here that doesn’t have the low flush system in it. I paid a fortune for the commode in the other bathroom that works on pressure. I bought low water usage, energy efficient appliances, like my dishwasher and washer. The only plants I water here are my vegetables. I don’t normally wash my car or my dogs here and I never hose down walkways. So asking me to reduce another 15% pisses me off. A lot. Not only that, they aren’t/can’t take into consideration that last year I was working out of the house and gone 11 hours a day, now I’m home most of the time.  The front yard here is a mixture of dandelions and thistle stubs. I use a weedwhacker on it. The back yard is just dirt. I would like to landscape the yards this year. I don’t want to put in expansive lawns and a putting green. I just want to put in something besides river rock and a cactus. The water department told me not too. So I watch the guy next door (who I like so that’s not the issue) watering his lawn and his wife watering the spots that need touching up and I can’t do a damned thing because the allotment is based on historical use and he’s always watered that big lawn. And I weed whack my front yard because I can’t install landscaping.


On top of all that, I’ve got a visit from Gary the Gopher’s cousin. And Rita the Assassin is digging the crap out of the back yard. There’s probably 10 holes out there right now. He’s been running along the foundation of the house in some places. Gary will be meeting his Maker today. When you hear me yell “Fire in the hole”, duck and cover.

Finally, please say a little prayer from my friend’s Dad who had a large tumor removed from his frontal lobe yesterday. He’s in for a tough battle back, he’s not a young man but he’s not ready to go yet. He’s got one of the best brain surgeons around, but it’s his brain fergodsakes. So say a little something for Larry’s safe recovery.

Will you set me free so I can fly away?

Sometimes my inbox is like Christmas. LandAmerica is auctioning off their corporate jet. That sound you hear is the tiniest violin in the world playing a sad song. So long NASCAR Teddy.


Here’s another jewel. This is a company that has no business getting into ANY other sectors. They can’t even get their own sector right. If you recall the escrow that was to close with a HUD but the idiots only sent my buyer a lender’s prelim on a cash transaction? Then they argued with me and said the contract controls the deal. Yes, it does but it helps if the escrow company knows how to read a contract. I needed an extension due to their stupidity. Finally I talked to the Executive Vice President who essentially said “You’re right we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re a lender unit trying to do REO’s”. That was in December. Do you think they got all of those kinks worked out and their ready to take on another business sector today? Not no. Hell no. Actually, these guys are the poster children for why national contracts are wrong. They’re based in some godforsaken hellhole in Southern California and they have no idea how Northern California works. Then they force their business practices onto our clients. Bullshit. They’re a member of the Evil Empire btw. I wonder if Bill just choked on his plonk.

I’m sure he just did. 1Q loss of $12.4 million essentially .06 per share. Now if you don’t pay out the .15 cents per share dividend, do you….oh nevermind.

Approaching a time that is drastic

Here’s a little something that’ll keep the Old Republic claims department busy for a while.  Oopsie.  Ok, I can see how it happened, sort of, not really.  Yeah Tate is no where to be found.  Imagine that.

That can’t help this.  Net loss $53.9 billion.  Oopsie.  In other news the Evil Empire got downgraded, as did ORI but then The Empire declared a .15 cent dividend per share.  I guess Bill’s wine portfolio isn’t all that.  Think that earnings call on Tuesday is going to contain a net loss?  Wine Dog sez you betcha.  The Bloodless Empire reports on Thursday.  That ought to be a yuckfest.  Does anybody give a rat’s ass about Dinty Moore any more?  Strangely, the seller pulled one of my deals from the Bloodless Empire and handed it to Dinty Moore.  I just hung up my phone, looked at it and blinked.

When Dearest Auntie was here we took her out for her birthday.  We went to Lark Creek in Walnut Creek.  I’ve never drank too much wine there.  Before.  Ever.  Anyway, since the market took a ginormous crap, my days of hanging out there have been fairly limited.  As a matter of fact the last time I had been there previously was with the Amateur then Manager and a big National Account.  Not of his doing, mind you, somebody important actually got the account.  Anyway, I remember thinking “this guy can’t sell”.  He was uncomfortable, couldn’t build rapport and generally squirmed around like he’d rather be playing Dungeons and Dragons.  I had forgotten about that lunch, but now that it’s fresh in my mind, I have to wonder, the guy doesn’t know title, can’t sell and is a lousy manager and they KEPT him.  Let’s see…hmmm… what can he do?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Onward and upward

Glad to see that the boys from Reno 911 are keeping our borders safe.

[youtube v5_RkYXlmXE]

I really hope that’s Reno911 and not our real border patrol.  OK, I’m lying, I’m not hopeful at all.

This little jewel arrived in my inbox yesterday.  Just plain fun.

[youtube PtnF_u2dEwg]

I couldn’t have gotten it right, probably ever in my life, as much as I’d like to go to Sommelier school.  Come on now, I’d be fun at your table.  Here’s something I did get right, a sweet little Zin from Lake County.  X Winery Nova Vineyard’s Organic Zinfandel.   Organic wine usually tastes like ass.  Generally, these days the farms are organic, a lot of the times biodynamic and sustainable.  So the fruit starts out like that but the process of making wine requires a step that doesn’t allow the winemaker to ultimately label the wine as organic.  I can’t remember what it is but Frog’s Leap and Chappellet have taken turns explaining that in my presence and I forgot what it’s called.  Frog’s Leap, Chappellet, Keenan, Benziger are all wineries that grow organic fruit but do not call their wine organic.  That last step in the processing is a tough one.  So the fact that little X Winery up in Lake County got a decent wine done is pretty interesting.  It’s got a jamminess to it and a touch of pepper.  It went well with last night’s grilled steak.  It’s pretty well balanced and pretty well priced at around $16 at the Pleasant Hill Wine Merchant.

Down to Isla Vista where police felt so harassed

This is rich.  Five former LandAmerica executives file claims in the bankruptcy for unpaid compensation.  Yes, your read that correctly.  Are you kidding me?  Guess who leads the pack?  NASCAR Teddy.  Boys, you ran an 83 year old firm into the ground.  You get nothing.  Now get the hell out of here.

Oh we had contracts, wah wah wah.  Isn’t that the same bullshit AIG told the government?  What about all the people at Alliance and Mercury who had contracts or more importantly were just screwed out of their vacation, commissions and severance?  You know what?  Piss off boys.  God help us if that bankruptcy court gives those morons a nickel.

And now for a few words about the banking industry.  Here’s a little something from the Merced Sun-Star to start us off.  And a few quick quotes from that article that have me seeing red this morning:

  • Major banks selling foreclosed homes sign contracts with industry giants, such as Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. and First American. They force buyers to use their services, often at a higher cost that local ones, Lawler explained.
  • TransCounty’s fees for a transaction usually fall between $800 and $1,000, she said. She’s seen statements charging twice or three times that much.

Now, I’m going to say it.  Lenders are bullies.  That’s right, straight up bullies.  They make up the rules, the consumer doesn’t have a damned thing to say about it and if the consumer wants to get in the game, they have to play by the bank’s rules.  But, the bank doesn’t have to play by anyone else’s rules.  And when shit gets sideways, the government gives them more of our money.  Bullshit.  Your credit cards, your bank accounts, your house, all tied up with banks.  And they tell you what to do, you don’t tell them.  I just had a deal where the bank told me they could close in 14 days.  They were 19 days late on a 14 day close.  We had to extend three times and my client paid $1900 in per diem because of a lender, who lied to him.  It was a full percentage point of the purchase.  Over a third of what I got paid.  Because a bank lied to him.  If you can’t perform, don’t take the deal.  They sit their all pious when a mortgagor can’t make the payment but when they can’t do the job it’s oh, we’re back logged, oh there’s so many refinances going on right now, oh this and that.  Oh, I forgot to pay my mortgage, I’ll get around to it when my back log isn’t so bad.  How about that you asshats?  Lenders are bullies.  And you know what?  I don’t care how many of them fail.  Let them all fail, they don’t deserve to survive.

Speaking of bullies…Andy Tolbert is located down in Florida.  God bless her for throwing this out on the internet.  Who knows who the actually title company is, but I know who the underwriter is. I get the issue and I’ve run into some people trying to do something along these lines.  Short sale it out to a BFP who rents it back to the owner at market rate, ok.  Short sale it out to a shell who gives it back to the original owner, not so sporty.  Either way you have a rights of parties in possession issue for sure and God knows that was my favorite catch all exception, next to terms and provisions in a document.

Inman is down this morning or I would link to some jewels over there.  Most importantly the one that says:

Fidelity National Financial Inc. has raised title insurance rates in 22 states and slashed $231 million in annual expenses by firing workers and closing offices since acquiring the underwriting subsidiaries of rival LandAmerica Financial Group Inc. in December.


…Fidelity disclosed that through the end of March it had fired 2,068 of the 5,500 workers formerly employed by LandAmerica subsidiaries Commonwealth Land Title, Lawyers Title and United Capital Title Insurance Co.


The $231 million in annual savings achieved triggers $20.4 million in bonus payments to company executives and employees who helped hit the target, the company said

Ohhhhh!  Now I get it.  Fire those nasty 2068 workers so you can get your bonus.  God bless America.  This is what we should be taking to the streets over, not some fantasy tax increase that only exists in Wonderland.  I mean seriously, the only people who got a tax increase (which incidentally doesn’t even go into effect yet) are those who make over $250k a year.  So these teabaggers are protesting on behalf of the guys who fired them.  Here’s your sign.

So that fire could be used by all the future generations

Bloodshed and the Bloodless Empire

Apparently the assholes that run the hedge fund that owns the Bloodless Empire (and seized control from the Kennedy family) felt it was necessary to continue the bloodshed.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Really bad form from the Bloodless Empire, but what did we expect?

For our newly kicked to the curb brethren, I suggest this:  Here’s your third grade summer vacation!  Finger paint.  No, not that finger.  Jeez.  Look at it this way, now you can read PBE every single day because I’m not blocked at your HOUSE!  Yeah, WineDog in your house!

And for good measure:


John Harritt and Parker Kennedy in Vegas

Caught a bolt ‘a lightnin’ cursed the day he let it go

Ah, tis the season. PBE gets tons of hits this time of year from innocent crafty folks looking for a way to make bunny ears for Easter. It must be terrifying for them arriving here. In the spirit of PBE I present to you The Google Keywords of the Weak Week.

  • template for bunny ears
  • bunny ears for dogs
  • hot ass wamu employee (aren’t they Chase now)
  • is bart tube earthquake safe (as long as the BART cops aren’t there on NYE)
  • blinking bunny ears (I guess for porn star puppies?)
  • Alliance Title Company California
  • bunny ears at target
  • titty bunny ears (sick bastard!)
  • marshmallow bunny ears
  • mary colhoun (this one makes sense, mary and mike own Landmark Vineyards, a PBE fav)
  • fluorescent pink bunny ears
  • fish with bunny ears
  • pink rabbit hotel denver (blink blink)
  • john harrit
  • john harritt
  • patty hauptman
  • mastiff with bunny ears
  • martha stewart bunny ears template
  • tachocardio (yeah, that’s me)

Now that was amusing.  I’m curious as to how the Mercury bankruptcy is progressing and I was wondering the other day how Patty is paying for her Pradas.  I’ve also been hearing some rumors about NASCAR Teddy that I’d like to substantiate, but right now they’re just rumors.

I’m waiting for some results from the Pinot Summit before I get that post up, suffice it to say it was quite an event.  Hopefully that’ll be up tomorrow.  I also am formulating an epic rant on the banking industry.  They really make me want to sell everything, buy a bunch of guns and move into the Ted Kaczynski Unabomber cabin to write my manifesto.  But right now I’ve got to meet an appraiser, slap some No Trespassing stickers on some property, and find a house for a nice young man and a nice couple in particular.

And when in doubt go with a dog video.  Bet this guy’s happy his dog found snow and not a pile of horse manure.

[youtube CazzsFQT52s]