Something has left my life and I don’t know where it went to

It’s going to be a little light this morning, so maybe we’ll sneak in link dump.  Actually, I think I’ll throw in The Google keywords of the Weak Week as an opener.

fidelity national title claims department -that’s got to make their claims department just proud to know that people google them and come here.

boylove -you sick bastards.

jocelyn saenz escrow fraud -this one was hot last week.  not finding anything new though

RESPA -God knows we don’t have any useful information on THAT here.

Bill Foley Wine -Hopefully they learned about our boycott

jerry hauptman colorado bunny -Is Jerry dating a bunny now?

Old title insurance people never die -No we don’t.  We come back as zombies and eat your brains.

Dan Gaudrau -this one was hot last week

That was like a trip down memory lane.  And did I get some spot on bonzo journalism back when all of that was blowing up.  Clearly there is a lot less going on right now.  I will say to the Evil Empire, you posted stellar profits last quarter.  It’s time to restore those salaries and rehire those workers.  Do the right thing.

And it’s time the FREE THE PINK BUNNY.  I’m tired of being banned by the Bloodless Empire.  Apply the pressure.  For the record, in response to their banning I have allowed exactly one transaction to go through them.  That was only because it was a builder escrow.  It went through their San Jose escrow and it was the worst transaction I’ve had since I’ve been selling real estate.  They barely paid attention to anything throughout the entire transaction.  The builder moved it to another company and then back to FATCO during the process and after two months they still hadn’t gotten the deposit back from the other company.  It’s like it was too much work to get off their fat asses and do anything about it.  They changed the gender of my client, sent the papers to the wrong address and still haven’t gotten him his refund a month later.  I will fight against allowing another transaction to go through that company for the rest of my career.

Speaking of the Bloodless Empire, look what they spent in legal fees and they’re no where near getting this to court. In practice, they’re trying to run out the clock on the Plaintiff, can’t fool the Wine Dog.

Here’s a little something to keep Skip and OTG busy.  I know how you guys love this stuff.  Looks like a creditor’s rights issue, with a dash of broken priority and shaken with a heaping helping of matters known, created or assumed by the insured.

And while we’re in court, glad to know they’re following up on this stuff.

And on the topic of ridiculousness, really.  God knows the rabid right wing wouldn’t want kids to stay in school, study hard and be good students.  Actually, they’ve found that this birther/Glenn Beck/Tin foil cap crew is predominately white, Southern and barely educated.  Who cut education?  Reagan.  Nuff said.

Hands in their pockets feelin’ cheated


Good thing the Evil Empire is keeping quality staff onboard. Not so much. Wonder if she’s still the Manager of the Bellevue, Washington office…And the creditors in the Ted’s Excellent Title Adventure bankruptcy case want to cut the attorney’s fees. I’m sure it’s a very complicated case that requires hours of really smart guys pouring over it but check it:

The creditors question requests for more than $3.8 million in fees and expenses from four law firms and one financial advising company for work done from March 1 to May 31, according to court documents. Two of the firms — McGuireWoods and Tavenner & Beran — are from Richmond.

Nice work if you can get it. On the upside, the IRS is exploring methods for “providing relief” to the customers of the LandAmerica 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. Apparently some members of Congress have gotten involved and asked the Treasury Department to see what can be done. Their shit has been tied up in bankruptcy over 180 days and that’s not going to look good on next years return. With all this legal wrangling going on, you’ll be pleased to know that the former top legal dog at LandAmerica (also known as the assklown that put all this shit together that ultimately ripped off all those consumers) has taken a job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Fox. Hen house. Nice work if you can get it.

And back over at the Evil Empire, net income last quarter was $91.9 million! At what point do they stop beating their remaining staff like a bunch of bad dogs and start rehiring some of the laid off staff so they can at least service the business they have? And at what point do they start restoring the deeply cut salaries of the staff who weathered all this bullshit out? Yeah, I’m watching you.

Speaking of the Evil Empire, once again I’m being forced over there on an escrow. This time my client asked me to check rates with other companies. My deal (if it goes) is a little piddley POS condo. No one, including the buyer gives a shit about this thing. Fees at the Evil Empire where we will be forced are $1500. Fees for the exact same product from Old Repulsive? $1100. Think this is going to be a class action eventually? You betcha. One of these days some high end attorney who knows what he or she is doing is going to pick up an REO and look at the addendums and say WTF? And then the fit is going to hit the Shan.

Throughout the Coconut Telegraph we’re hearing there’s another moratorium on foreclosures. Right now the market is stupid tight and everything is getting bid up. If the banks artificially slow up this market, what does that do to the next market? Exactly. How did I manage to figure this out with my high school education and all those Harvard MBA’s can’t get this right?

File this one under “When smart people do stupid shit”

Or stupid is as stupid does. I was out working in the yard Wednesday night. Moving river rocks and clearing the front yard for the onslaught of Hispanic day workers who I will bring in over the weekend to clear the weeds and maybe even break up the walk way in preparation for making my house look less like a foreclosure house and more like it belongs in the neighborhood. I discovered there was no cold beer so I threw on in the fridge and one in the freezer. I cleared several wheelbarrows full of rocks and then got stupid. Apparently I didn’t want a beer any more. And forgot I had put one on rapid chill. Fast forward to last night. I put on my boots to go clear some rocks and then a lightbulb went on in my head.


And finally, because we haven’t done this one in a while, may I present to you, The Google Keywords of the Weak Week.

lambros gianos (what?)

foley wine group (yeah the boycott is still on)

alliance title company california (at least someone still remembers)

cocaine enraged bunnies (ok this is funny but I don’t know how that all went together)

german candy that looks like a butt with ears (this might be my all time favorite)

fatco the hungry bear

deformed ballet bunny (that’s up there with the Donnie Darko bunny)

Whew!  That’s like an adventure through the Looking Glass with Alice.  And Grace Slick.  In 1969.

[youtube s2XFA7MU9jg]

Ahhh, the 80’s.

I know, I know you probably scream and cry

If you miss the comment section at PBE, sometimes you miss a lot. You’d be missing OTG and Titleslug and my pal Skippity-Do-Dah. And a lot of other folks with interesting input. Lucky for y’all, I read the comment section and sometimes a gentle reader has a question or concern. I suspect this is from a State other than California so I’m not sure of the actual terms and the law around it. That being said, here’s the question:

On the current thing with titles and foreclosure -it is o.k. for the title company to go from foreclosure notice to 3-day-move notice? I thought there was a 7 or 10 day thing required in between, but I just got an emergency phone call to come help a friend-of-friend move, after notice was received at 5PM last night. Something smells here.

If this property was in California and the notice was that the property had been foreclosed upon and the bank now owned it, it’s possible for them to immediately file a 3 day notice to quit. Except there’s a new law in effect enacted by Congress and under this law tenants have 90 days through out the country. That being said, I’m not sure how a previously lawful 3 day notice to quit plays in to the whole thing. I got a long email from my broker about it on Friday that I haven’t had time to read yet. So the two questions I have are which State is the property located in and with that information does anyone else have a good answer?

My Tour of the Napa Valley

As usual, in a fit of absolute stupidity, I sabotaged part of my ride yesterday. I carpooled to the ride with a bunch of triathletes. I am not a triathlete. I am not a competitive cyclist. I’m a Clydesdale with a bike. They were riding a Century. They assured me that they weren’t going to race it, they were all tired from other activities and they would take it easy. So like a jackass, I listened to them and made a right to the Century course rather than heading to the left and the Metric course. Taking it easy for a bunch of triathletes is probably 3-4mph faster than my normal pace. Over a sustained period of time, not good for the Wine Dog. What we did wasn’t that bad, a lousy 2000 feet of climbing. I do that every single week. I just don’t do it at that pace. Or after riding 10 miles out of my comfort zone. I spent the first 45 miles of the day pushing it a lot harder than I should have been. They promised not to drop me so they spent a lot of time easing way off of it or waiting at a hill crest. Not a comfortable way to spend your day, pushing too hard so your friends wouldn’t have to wait for you. Or in their case standing around while the sun baked the valley waiting on me. The other thing that happens when you ride that far out of your own zone is that you forget to eat and drink. I came home with 2 unopened packs of Shotbloks, three PowerBars and a full untouched container of gel. I didn’t finish the Accelerade and only drank 3 bottles of water. I couldn’t have made it up the second hill, there wasn’t enough fuel in me. After Mt. Veeder they got up way ahead of me and I missed the turn and almost road Mt. Veeder twice! My phone was blowing up so I stopped and finally answered it.

Where are you?
Let me check my iPhone
Redwood Road.
I don’t know where that is.
Where are you?
At the rest stop
Where’s that?
Off of Trower Road
I remember seeing Trower Road, this isn’t good.

Sorry, Eagle Cyclists, you did a shitty job of marking the route. All of us missed a second turn later in the day. They swore it got to 100º yesterday, but it didn’t, it really just hit the low 90’s. At 45 miles, we were about to head up Sage Canyon to Pope Valley and ultimately Angwin, Athena Springs the turnaround. It was another 2000 feet of climbing that looked just like the first 2000 feet of climbing with the tasteful addition of the Ink Grade which I knew was a soul crusher. My original plan was 65 miles, that’s what I’d trained for and I decided not to do the second 2000 feet or additional 35 miles. Smart move. As it turns out it was the quickest 65 miles I’ve ever turned and I’m sure there’s some benefit to spending 45 miles out of your comfort zone. I put that bad boy away in 4:56 with an average cadence of 74. I don’t have the other stats because one of the screw ups yesterday was grabbing the wrong chest strap so I rode without my heart meter.

We have no time for stupid people with an ignorant mind

Oh, Title Industry! When will you return from your wandering days?

Dateline June 1976. I had graduated from high school. For me it was really scary. I had spent the last three years answering the question “What are you going to be when you grow up?” with “A Kennedy”. Now that worked out nicely for Arnold Schwarzenegger, not so much for me. As classes wound down, I spent more time just hanging around. I was catching all the 1pm movies on Channel 2 and knew all about One Life to Live. Come on now, Tom Berenger and Tommy Lee Jones were in it. Anyway, it didn’t take but a couple of days for my father to walk in with a cocktail napkin that had a phone number scrawled across it. “Call this number” he said, and he went on to do something else. The number was 786-1620. I will never forget it. It was the phone number of Pacific Land Title Company’s Title plant in Hayward. I came down for an interview. It consisted of the Plant Manager asking “Can you type?” I could. “Start tomorrow”. I was a broker’s daughter and they always got jobs if they could fog a mirror. Most of them became Messengers. I was 17 so I couldn’t be insured for the company vehicles. Yeah, remember those? So I went into the typing department as a proof reader. The official position was “Microfilm Technician”. We later called them filmers. Back then the most important envelope that a messenger was ever handed was a commission check. Some Escrow Officers wouldn’t even let the messengers handle them and they would do the delivery themselves. Or have the Sales Rep deliver it. Later on it was the Rep’s responsibility to get the commission check delivered. Basically if it wasn’t there the agent would take their business to a title company that could deliver a commission check on time. There were special stamps that went on envelopes containing commission checks and some companies even had special envelopes. It’s that important.

Apparently on Wednesday of this week First American Title in San Jose closed a deal of mine. I say apparently because they didn’t bother to tell me. I had to write them on Thursday to find out that the deal had closed. I was the last to know. I was the buyer’s agent. I emailed them at 8am yesterday and received a response back around noon. Apparently it takes four hours to read email at First American Title in San Jose.

Me: It is my understanding that this funded yesterday. Is it going on record today?

Her: It recorded special yesterday.

I wrote her back and asked where our package was. Her response was another one liner. She said it would be there today (which was yesterday). It wasn’t. That is why I named the title company. I’m partially inclined to name the Escrow Officer. The dumb bitch that never called me once and ultimately drew the documents with my client as a woman. He’s not. The dumb bitch that couldn’t find his deposit. The dumb bitch with the dumber assistant. These are the people who have jobs in the title industry now while very qualified Escrow Officers collect unemployment checks, answer phones in call centers and tend bar. This is what happens when you run a title insurance company like a casualty insurance company. Pathetic.

Save the complaints for a party conversation

FNF earnings soar in 2Q

The Burgermeister must be thrilled. They shed a lot of blood but they got the Evil Empire back into the black. Ethics be damned! The Evil Empire earned 40 cents per diluted share up from 3 cents per share q2 2008. Orders increased 61 percent. Of those 61 percent, I wonder how many people actually chose to do business with them as opposed to the thousands who were illegally strong-armed into doing business with them because of pre-existing back room deals cut with unscrupulous banks. To me that’s the same mentality as a spurned spouse who continues to force themselves into somebody’s life after the relationship ends. If they don’t want to be with you, leave. If we don’t want to do business with you why do you force us to? One day someone is going to file a class action against Fidelity and First American for these business practices. I hope their attorney forces which ever company they sue to shut down for a month Nationwide as part of the settlement. These guys deserve it. It’s not like it’s a one time offense, it’s their business practice and it’s wrong. I’m sick and tired of business that thinks that the rules don’t apply to them. Banks and insurance companies are at the top of the list in my book and I pray we don’t bail out another one of these companies, we let them fail.

I don’t know this guy but I bet he’s banned from the First American servers too. Because it’s much wiser to ban the dissenting opinion than to have meaningful discussion. I like his take on AB 957 too. I suspect this blog is banned from their servers too. You see, I’m not alone. The voices are starting to rise up and we will be heard. Enough is enough. Pretty soon you won’t be able to google “First American+Respa” from their servers. Good to see they’re getting into another business sector. Not. And Citigroup is apparently in the luxury hotel business now.

I could go on this tangent for quite a while today, but yesterday a simple ball joint repair job has turned into replacing the brain in the brake and traction system of the BMW. I have to go sell a house. It devoured the bulk of the commission I made last Friday. I guess stopping and ABS and panic braking are important, but damn! I think I can buy a new KIA for what I just handed the mechanic.

Remember, Boycott Foley Wine Group! Don’t let this guy do to wine what he did to title insurance.

Pollution manifested in perpetual sound

Miss me? Just got back from the Wine Bloggers Conference, 2009. Tomorrow there will be a full report of wine drinking and food and cheese and all things good and Sonoma and Napa. Today, I’m pissed off, and I know y’all love me when there’s a burr up my butt. This is why we must support AB 957.


LSI. You pathetic bunch of losers. You are not qualified to be in the title business. LSI is what is wrong with the industry. Don’t know who they are? They’re another moronic division of the Evil Empire. Their website says they’re “Reliable, Innovative, Comprehensive, Accurate and Now”. Whatever the hell now means. I know it doesn’t mean they will apply any sort of urgency to your situation. It doesn’t mean you’ll get any kind of service now or any other day unless you are a lender with whom they have a contract. If you represent the buyer, the consumer of the ultimate product, you can go piss up a rope. One hour ago (that’s right at 4:20 on a Sunday afternoon) I received confirmation for my closing from Friday. It was an insured transaction. It was a cash transaction. A trained monkey could find his way to recorders office and record that deed faster than those inept clowns did. My transaction actually recorded at 2:40 on Friday. When my local escrow person called down at 4:55 for confirmation the title person told her “Oh well, I guess they don’t get to move”. You know what you little shit stain? I ought to snap your neck. Do not mess with an old Title Officer. Especially one with a well read blog. I moved my people in on Saturday. I handed them the keys to the house and at 5pm on Friday and I told them to move in. If I were anywhere near that title plant I would walk in there and tear the Plant Managers head off and crap in the hole. How dare you treat the consumer like that? I hope they shut your stinking ass down because you don’t deserve to do business in this country. You and your ignorant staff should be shoved in a box car and sent to some godforsaken third world country and forced to work next to a donkey. The donkey would be the shift supervisor because you guys are too stupid to run anything on your own. That’s right, you’re that pathetic.

Let’s back up. My client is a nice family who paid down the loan on their original home so much that there was little owed on it. They wanted to move to a better neighborhood and entrusted me to find them their next home. One day I sent them a listing to look at like I had several times before. I had barely pushed the “SEND” button when my phone was ringing. It was the husband. Write it up, we want it, we’re buying it. Uh, I think we need to look at it. I don’t care what it looks like, we’re buying it. Please? So they went and looked at it with me. Then I heard the story. When they were first starting out and the wife was pregnant with their first son, she used to walk by the new subdivision. This home was a model. She would wander through this model and dream about someday owning a house like this one. Well, naturally when it came up they were ecstatic. When we walked through it we found it in beautiful shape. We wrote a full price cash offer that was accepted. We then proceeded to put together a 5 day escrow. I was thrilled to hear that the escrow was local. I had hoped that the Concord Title Group would be doing the title work. I would not be that lucky. It was opened at LSI’s REO center in Irvine. As usual with Southern California prelims written for Northern California, they were wrong. I immediately got two exceptions removed but they insisted that we go subject to any stripped assessments. No, wasn’t going to happen. Do your job. Call the City. There either is or isn’t stripped assessments. If there are, pay them and take it out. If not take it out. Two days and an underwriter later I got it removed. The water rights exception I didn’t have as good of luck. They were going to throw down the gauntlet on that one. It does not belong in a dry parcel in a numbered, recent subdivision within the City limits. Doesn’t. No. Don’t freaking put it there you morons. But it wasn’t a hill we were going to die on last week so I talked to my buyer and it remained. His response was essentially, I’m an NRA member, go ahead and try and come on my property. Okie dokey. We let that one lie.

On Friday, all LSI had to do is record one grant deed. One. No money, no releases, nothing. One deed. They managed to do that but they couldn’t manage to tell the consumer that it had been accomplished. That in itself was bad enough, but compounded by the lackadaisical attitude of the title officer in Irvine is reprehensible. These are people who do not deserve to have a job in this economy. I suspect if we went to their house we would find they don’t deserve to live indoors either. LSI, you are an embarrassment to the title insurance business. Get your act together. Last week when I went to the WFB presentation to local real estate professionals, the speaker said “When you bail these homeowners out of this situation, they will remember you for life. The REO banks won’t remember you tomorrow. Choose your clients wisely”. Fidelity National Title Company, you need to choose your clients wisely. We aren’t going to forget this bullshit.

You’ll leave a better world than you found

I hate it somebody else nails something that I should have put together.  I mean seriously, it’s not like I haven’t been receiving emails about crap I can’t get any more.  Kudos to the Queen of Kludge.  In some ways SB133 is just way too much.  On the other hand, if the title companies hadn’t been providing computers and furniture and car leases and everything else over the last 40 years, maybe it wouldn’t have been necessary.  Remember FATCOLA was shut down (for I think a week does anyone else remember?) for violations?  Guys like that who refused to do the right thing are why we have this crap legislation. Or any crap legislation for that matter.  Act right and we don’t need regulation.  Simple stuff.  It goes two ways, the real estate community (both agents and lenders) accepted, even required the violations and the title companies fell all over themselves to provide them.  That’s how we got here.  Now a targeted farm is an impossibility, even though all it really provides is a clerk manipulating existing information and sending an email.  If the customer service rep is any good, it’s a 3 minute process.  Property profiles are necessary to our jobs.  We need to know that we’ve listed the property with the OWNER.  We need to know that what they owe on it in fact reflects the recorded loans.  I can read a legal and I put together a screaming deal for a client because no one except me figured out that the lot was nearly 1/2 acre.  We over bid knowing it would appraise.  Did that ultimately help my client?  My client who was also the customer for the title company?  Sure did.  So shutting me off to that information hurts the consumer.  I don’t believe hurting the consumer was the original intent of the legislation but I think it needs some tweeking for sure.  Whenever those asshats finally set a budget.

Poor Rita.  Her idiot Mother had an idea yesterday while out driving around.


I knew they made doggy diapers for incontinent dogs.  I figured that way her bed wouldn’t be messed and I would do less laundry, and she could spend the night in the bedroom.  Right now, she wakes up between 1am and 3am.  Her bed is wet and she fusses around, partially trying to find a dry spot to sleep in and thinking she’s going to be in trouble.  Dogs who have this issue are also embarrassed by it, for lack of a better word.  They know what happened shouldn’t have and they know they did it.  I have had incontinent females before and I know not to punish them or let them know I’m upset or disappointed with them.  Still, it always bothers them.  She started her new herbs night before last and when I took the dog diaper off this morning, all was dry.  I really hope that’s the solution.  As far as the free catch urine sample I’m supposed to be getting, after a full day of following Rita around with a plastic cup I’ve had no success.  Yeah, it’s as funny in real time as it sounds.

As soon as the sun comes up I’ll be heading out to ride over the mountain.  It’s the last hill ride before the LiveStrong, which is a week from Sunday.  I talked to my coach yesterday and we’re both really happy with how this has gone.  I should be ready for that ride with no problem at all.  Actually my only issue is this foot of mine.  Something is definitely wrong with it.  It’s hot to the touch and is now cramping in the middle of the night.  I’ve been icing it and taking my Vitamin A(dvil) so hopefully it calms down enough to ride.  (I think I need a cortisone shot but need cash to pay for it since my insurance requires me to be run over by a bus before it kicks in.)  Anywho, back to fighting cancer, the fundraising deadline is next Thursday, July 10th.  If you can throw a few bucks at fighting cancer, that would be awesome. The Lance Armstrong Foundation really does some amazing work.  Here’s the link to my fundraising page, and thank you for your support!

some strange music draws me in, makes me come on like some heroin

I was talking to a client of mine yesterday. We were talking about his work. There is a direct correlation between human stupidity and his workload. I asked him how that was for him. He said “You can’t teach stupid”. No, you can’t.

From: Simpson, Sammy
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 12:26 PM
To: Kikuchi, Kenji; Bashore, Rick; Hovey, Loretta; Adams, Sandy; Martin, Stephen; Reynolds, James (Glendale); Rodriguez, Bobby L.; Burton, Carol; Kalinowski, Ellen; Simpson, Malina
Subject: RE: Reply

Hello to All,

I am hoping that you will all support our decision to not support Property ID in the future due to their widely advertised derogatory opinion of the “Large Title Company” efficiency. Remember their correspondence was generated throughout the whole of the Real Estate Professionals in the State of California.



S.A.M. (Sammy) Simpson, V.P., C.S.E.O.
Western Regional Director of Escrow & REO Operations
Senior Escrow Underwriter – Regional ABA & Joint Ventures
Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
18302 Irvine Blvd., Suite 100, Tustin, CA 92780
Cell:(714) 269-2371 Fax: (714) 289-3368

This electronic mail message and any attachments are intended only for the use of the addressee(s) named above and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not an intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering this e-mail to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you received this e-mail message in error, please immediately notify the sender by replying to this message or by telephone. Thank you.

From: Simpson, Malina
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 11:22 AM
To: John Cote; Steven Jones;;
Cc: Simpson, Sammy; Kikuchi, Kenji; Bashore, Rick; Hovey, Loretta; Adams, Sandy; Martin, Stephen; Reynolds, James (Glendale); Rodriguez, Bobby L.; Burton, Carol; Kalinowski, Ellen
Subject: FW: Reply

We certainly take no issue as to your support or non support of AB 957 however the implication by Property ID that we large title companies provide substandard service is beyond offensive to all of us; and to realize that your company has mass mailed your distasteful opinion brings cause for our suspension of support for PID.

REO Project Manager
(714) 906-8778 Cell

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

From: Mailana Mavromatis []
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:48 AM
To: Simpson, Malina
Cc: John Cote; Steven Jones
Subject: Reply

Hello Malina,

Thank you for your email, and per your request you have been removed from future emails.

Please accept my sincere apology if you found this email offensive in any way. PID did not create, author, introduce or even know about AB 957 until several real estate agents called me personally and asked me to support it. PID has been a supporter of AB 957 because over the years thousands of real estate agents throughout the State of California have expressed frustration about not being able to offer services (including PID reports) to their clients because banks have “exercised complete control” in REO’s. AB 957 merely allows for negotiation of services – a liberty that the vast majority of California real estate agents have complained is currently being denied in REO transactions.

The practices that AB 957 has been designed to prevent have already put many local, independent, California real estate related service providers out of business. With the exception of a tiny handful of strong, independent natural hazard disclosure companies, home warranty, and independent title companies, many local, independent, California real estate related service providers have closed their doors because of the practices of bank-controlled REO’s.

Thank you for taking the time to email me your thoughts and I sincerely hope that you will continue to successfully thrive in this real estate market.
Best regards,

Mailana G. Mavromatis-Broumand
Vice President and Legal Counsel
Property I.D.
1981 North Broadway, Suite 325
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
T (925) 256-8800 Ext. 107
F (925) 256-0169
This message contains information that may be confidential and privileged. Unless you are the addressee (or authorized to receive for the addressee), you may not use, copy or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in or attached to the message. If you have received the message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail to, and delete the message.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

From: Simpson, Malina []
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 12:16 AM
To: Mailana Mavromatis; Brad Champagne
Subject: RE: Congradulations, your support of AB 957 is being heard!

Please take me off your mailing list as we will no longer be using the services of Property ID.

From: Brad Champagne []
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 3:05 PM
To: Simpson, Malina
Subject: Congradulations, your support of AB 957 is being heard!

Notwithstanding the strong opposition by First American Title and Fidelity Title, Property I.D. is pleased to report that AB 957 successfully passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last Tuesday, June 23. Congratulations to all of you who have taken the time to support this important bill. Your voice is being heard!
The purpose of AB 957 is to help California real estate agents regain some control over the choice of services in REO transactions. This will enable both real estate agents and consumers to get the finest local services for their transactions, not substandard service which only benefits the bottom line of banks and large title companies.
Your support sends a loud and clear message to those opposing of AB 957, the two largest title companies in the state,; First American Title and Fidelity Title, that you feel the choice of real estate services should be kept where it belongs with the real estate agent and their clients and not the banks or big title companies. Please join Property I.D., other independent service providers and real estate agents throughout California in continuing to support AB 957.

Sammy, did you just black ball Property ID? Back up the bus! Doesn’t Fidelity OWN a Natural Hazard Disclosure company? I feel a little like Keith Olbermann reenacting the Elizabeth emails. Let me help you and Malina out. Those pesky real estate agents, we hate those REO Centers in Southern California. That’s right. The staff at those big REO centers are rude and incompetent. And that’s just not me, I’ve actually had an executive with your company tell me that your operation was overloaded and not doing a very good job. Even your executive team thinks your service is substandard. I’m sorry that the truth offends you. I won’t infer it, I’ll say it outright. You treat us buyers agents like crap. You don’t return our phone calls and poo poo our requests. We hate it and we hate you. If we were standing in front of you, I dare say you would not treat us the way you do. As agents, we have to be responsive and give answers to our clients. It’s tough to do with the non-service we receive from REO centers.

And since when did a title company DIRECT the natural hazard report? I will be specifying Property ID from this point forward. You see, we’d like to do business with our local branch. We’d like to be able to call someone who knows us personally and treats us with dignity and respect. I support AB957. In many cases, those people are in branches of the very same big companies you think you’re defending. I’ve written the local branch of the very conglomerate you work for into every deal for two months now, just because I’d like to get my rep there a deal. She’s got nothing. My current escrows are split between Irvine or Rancho Cucumonga or some godforsaken hellhole where the rent and labor is cheap. So you aren’t helping the big company, you’re helping yourself while hurting our local economy. I support the Escrow Officer next door. I support the rep I see at the grocery store. In turn, they support my community. Many of my clients want to buy locally and support our local community. AB957 allows them to do that. So really, you’re embarrassing yourself. You two are not qualified to carry Ms Mavromatis’ Jimmy Choos.

So, how’s that dancing in the rain thing working for you this morning?

Irrefutable, indisputable fact is, it happens

I was hoping to get a weekly feature going, like Title Tuesday, but there just isn’t enough good stuff to make it work.  Never got an answer if that ABA was bouncing lots of or just a couple of commission and disbursement checks.  Bad form either way.  Got this link over at Title Talk.  That’s going to leave a mark.  Oops!  It already did.  Here’s a guy I’d like to see get a suite with Madoff.  Him and the Sandlers.  I’d like to see them making license plates for about 150 years.  I’ve got a good title story brewing, but I’m superstitious so I can’t tell it until the deal is in the can.  You know, if there really was a Pink Bunny, I think this is where he’d live.  Found that little gem on Lovely Listing, a place where I hope I will never see one of my listings.  Unless I took a listing from the reincarnation of Liberace.

A couple of dog stories, none good.  A woman was jogging and was hit by a truck and killed in Clovis, her dog survived.  They could use some help with the medical bills.  Betty Cochran is part of Dogworks, which is where I got Toby and where The Brother got Loki.  Ms. Wong was a wife, mother, grandmother and matriarch of her family.  That’s just awful for their family.

This asshat needs to be fired.  I’ve been beating his ass all over the internet for the last couple of days and I will not let up until I hear he’s been terminated.  Like this jackhole is going to run into a burning building and do anything that doesn’t directly benefit him.  Write the Fire Department’s Administrative email and let the know that a guy like this brings dishonor to the uniform.  Email addie below:

China is still culling dogs.  The  Shaanxi province has culled 36,000 dogs because 12 people have been bitten by rabies infected dogs.  American breeders continue to sell dogs to China.  No.

Finally, this picture just came up when I opened iPhoto last night.  It’s one of my favorites.  He loved his Uncle.


Lucky to be coming home again

The luckiest man in America this morning.


He’s still not a Democrat, but I didn’t see a moment of coverage yesterday on a guy who should have been bent over a barrel by the media. The second luckiest guy in America is Ryan O’Neal and that I can get behind. On probably the worst or one of the worst days of his life, he got handed a get out of jail free card. The white hot glare of the media got distracted by the death of the King of Pop and good Lord willing, he’ll be able to grieve the loss of the love of his life in peace. I would hope that Olberman went home and took a long hot shower after all of that last night. Dude, you’re better than that. Did Jackson do anything after “Thriller”, really? I mean besides molesting young boys. Alright, I’ll give him “Bad” but that’s it. Sorry, dude paid $20 MILLION to one family. God only knows how many other families took hush money. They may not have been able to convict him, but like OJ, it doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. The fight for the elections in Iran and the investigation of a corrupt politician who happens to be the Governor of South Carolina matters. Because you know he flew there on the taxpayer’s dime. I actually don’t care that he stepped out on his marriage. That wasn’t my business when Bill Clinton did it, and it’s not my business now. Unless I were to point out that a marriage is between a man, a woman and his Argentinean concubine, but not between two men or two women. And I would only point that out if he were some Bible thumping zealot that sought to force the rest of the country to comply to his rigid religious beliefs….nevermind.

In other news

The Coconut Telegraph is lumbering into action. Let’s play a little game. What agency, which happens to be an ABA of the Bloodless Empire and a certain large real estate firm with blue and white signs has been bouncing commission and disbursement checks? Y’all aren’t taking investment advice from NASCAR Teddy are you?

We’ve got some silly routines around here. One of them is when I take a shower. No matter where Bubba is when I turn on the shower, he comes in and sleeps on whatever clothes I took off. It’s one of the cuter things he does.


I’m off to San Diego to lift today. I took the BMW in to get the hood supposedly buffed out yesterday. I had taken a piece of crap in the nose out on Highway 37 and it scraped up the paint on the hood. Doncha just love those flat beds loaded with crap that just flies in the wind? Safeco wanted to know if I got the plates. Dude, I was trying not to die, it was like a big mat or a piece of a roof. It was black, it came off the truck and up at my car. I braked and prayed. Anyway it was supposed to take a day. On the way to the shop yesterday the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I figured I was going to have to rent a car to go to San Diego. As it turned out, they couldn’t buff out the hood and the insurance company will be paying to get it repainted. And they’re paying for the car rental, so I’ll be dealing with the light display when I get the car back on Monday night. So I’m off to finish up a bit of work and hit the road. I’ll sooo be driving around LA today.

And by popular demand, the list of Foley Wine Groups wines. All of which we boycott.

  1. Merus
  2. Foley Estate
  3. Las Hermanas
  4. Sebastiani
  5. Three Rivers
  6. Firestone
  7. Kuleto

And we boycott because he’s buying up wineries just like he did to title companies. He’s going to build an empire there just like he did in the title insurance business and he’s going to ruin the wine industry just like he ruined the title industry. He will over work his employees, fire them on a moments notice if the numbers aren’t there and provide a slip-shod product to his customers. If we don’t buy his wine, he doesn’t get any more of a foothold in the industry. This man is morally reprehensible and as winos, we cannot support him. And winemakers, please, stop selling wineries to him…dammit.