Hosing the California Dream


You can put these guys in the corporate ash can.   Like the ending of my favorite movie, where Matthew Broderick comes back after the credits and asks “Why are you still here?  It’s over.  Go home!”  It’s over.  I can’t tell you how furious I am with the corporate irresponsibility.  How do you do this to people twelve days before Christmas?  Then I have some other questions.  Could you have not sold the corporate jet to keep this thing afloat?  Yeah, the headline on thetitlereport.com today reads:

Aggressive recruiting dooms Alliance Title

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Alliance Title entered the California market in 2000, it made no secrets about its plans to aggressively recruit and expand as quickly as it could.   The gun slinging recruiting style embroiled Alliance Title’s parent company, Mercury Companies, in a contentious lawsuit…

LandAmerica Commonwealth took exception to Alliance’s recruiting style and filed a huge lawsuit.  I guess Ted Chandler got the last laugh there.  People went to work today only to find that their final check had been FedExed to their house.  After picking up the checks, rumor has it, they’re bouncing.  Ouch.  Did you get to the bank in time with your check Mr. Harritt?  Thought so.

Things that really make the Wine Dog happy

Nothing makes the Wine Dog happier than good old fashioned censureship.  I guess pinkbunnyears.com got under somebody’s skin in Campbell.  We are officially banned from Mercury Companies servers and I couldn’t be prouder.  Even more curious is how quickly the removed Alliance Title Company from their list of Operating Companies.  Maybe they should have taken a moment to balance the books first.


I would love for the legacy of Pink Bunny Ears to be the rallying of title company employees and the Unionization of a business that has long been  short of conscience.  I’m sick of our jobs being sent off to India and the Philipines.  I’m sick of Jackie Speiers legislating against her own constituets.  I’m tire of sweaty executives, getting theirs and then sending ours to some third world country to be done for $16 a day, versus a decent wage for Americans.  It’s time.  WHO’S WITH ME?

What the Wine Dog is drinking

Nothing better than a cheapo Shiraz on a Thursday night.  Fat Bastard Shiraz to be exact.  Big on maybe it’s blackberries, definitely licorice or anise, or ass.  Tannic finish.  For a cheapo Shiraz (spoken with a heavy Aussie accent, emphasis on the AZ) it’s decent.

Damn it’s cold out

It was 26 degree when I took Beau for his walk today.  It’s been in the 30’s in the morning and that’s fine but that last 10 degrees was seriously noticeable.   So I put on gloves and thermals and a sweatshirt, played the theme to Rocky in my head and took him for his morning run.  He stopped to lift his leg on a mailbox post and I thought “Boy don’t get too close to that iron pole or you’re going to have a very bad dog day”.   Nuff said.

John Harritt: Today’s Worst Person in the World!

When I realized that he had already been Worst Person in the World this week, I wasn’t sure how nominating twice in one week would fly. Then I realized that the Worst Person in the World, comes with a nod to Keith Olbermann. And if Keith Olbermann can make Bill O Worst Person in the World four out of five days a week, I can make John Harritt Worst Person in the World, two out of three.

What can you say about a guy who closes operations twelve days before Christmas? What kind of Ass Clown puts upwards of 300 people out of work on the day they should be getting a Partridge in a Pear Tree fergodsakes? Shame on you! I feel for all of my friends who are out of work at 5pm tomorrow when they lock the doors. My advice -take anything that isn’t nailed down and sell it on craig’s list to pay your rent. (did I say that in my outside voice?) What do you say about a guy who pisses off $20 million in an up market over expanding operations and then doesn’t have a reserve when the business cycle changes? I say you’ve got no business being a CEO. I sure hope this wanker gets the same severance package he gave me. Life is fun on $1800 a month buddy.

So now, today’s feature, Help PINKBUNNYEARS.COM title John Harritt’s autobiography! Remember kids, we don’t use bad words here at pinkbunnyears.com. OK the Wine Dog does, but everyone else gets DQ’ed, so put on your thinking caps. The Wine Dog’s nomination is:

Uber-Tool, by John Harritt

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Mouse 5 Wine Dog 1 Game Over.

I had an unfair advantage in that I could lose an unlimited amount of times and the mouse could only lose once.  With the simple addition of peanut butter, Marty the Mouse has gone to rodent heaven.  It’s kind of like this video, you can only lose once.  It was a bright spot in an otherwise exasperating day.

In spite of the aggravation, today should be a very special day.  Today, 9 years ago, Amaris’ Night Watchmen nee Beauregard came into this world, along with his brother Nero.  I think Amaris is a full blown puppy mill now,  Beau came before that and he is a beauty.  That dog is amazing in every way.  If there’s a party, he’s grabbing his beer bong and howling for more.  Chicks dig him.  Even at 9, he can run little Loki ragged.  Loki has not learned the nuances involved with the cutting the little buck off at the pass trick.  He can’t get close enough to me and that’s alright with me.  He wakes me with his cold wet nose and barks for me to play with him.  If I stay up too late, he comes and gets me.  He is the greatest.  Party on Big Man, YOU ROCK!


And just because I can’t resist…Hey John Harritt!  How many millions of dollars did you lose trying to break into Southern California?  Are you going to put that number on your resume?

Today’s weigh in 211.  That’s a good start.