One day you’re a diamond and then you’re a stone

The last two weeks have been ridiculous.  The Brother got himself some nasty ass shit that kicked his ass pretty badly.  People die from what he had…but he beat it.  But he was super super sick.  I’m used to his never ending stream of respiratory bullshit but this took things to a whole new level. […]

Loaded up and truckin’ we’re going to do what they said can’t be done

The stupid is strong. Check out this article and the response by the 11yo kid to the racism he was subjected to.  Sebastian FTW.  Racist assholes have a little problem on their hands.  They are about to be outnumbered.   The United States is heading to the mocha slush I predicted 20 years ago.  I […]

Maybe it’s not to late, to learn how to love and forget how to hate

I might be working on a theme today.  Embrace the crazy. Yes, I’m back from AIDS/Lifecycle 11.  Yes, it was tough.  Very tough.  But not as tough as last year.  Strangely even though I didn’t train as much as I did for ALC 10, (too much real estate to sell) I trained smarter and that […]

I said stand or deliver or the devil he may take ya

Good morning Kittens!  I’ve missed you.  Have you missed me?  I’ve missed me too.  So pull up your big boy pants and lets get on with it. Things that piss me off.  Oh why the hell not? The hottest viral video on the internets right now.  It’s long, 10 minutes.  Totally worth it. Now I’ve […]