When Moses went to Cameron’s house, let my people go

It’s been five days since I hurt my back.  Today it was considerably better when I got out of bed.  I’d say it’s 30-40 percent better than it was Sunday morning when I had to force myself out of bed to feed the dogs.  It took four hours, four Advil, four Tylenol and a bag of ice on Sunday for it to loosen up enough that I could move, two and a half on Monday, about an hour yesterday and today I’m moving okay and I’ve only been up about 45 minutes.  Not great and not without pain,  but okay.  I had to stand through half of class last night, I just couldn’t sit still.  I’ve brought an ice pack to work and have been shoving that down my pants for 20 minutes each hour.  It certainly helps me forget that my hip hurts from that freaking chair they won’t fix.  It’s clear I’m not going to be playing golf on Saturday which makes me sad.  I really like playing with this group, I really like the course too, but there’s no way I’m going to be able to swing a club a hundred or so times on Saturday.  I’ve followed Doctor’s orders and haven’t lifted in two days.  I’m hoping to go to the gym tomorrow morning and just move around a little, hopefully do an isolation bench or some light cardio.   I’m also obviously not competing in San Jose on the 17th.  There’s a meet in Concord on June 14th but the big AAU meet is the next weekend, so I think I’ll try and use the ticket left over from when the flight never left.  Yeah, the big Vegas meet that I paid for and couldn’t have a day off since it was the “end of the month” yet since then everyone in their Uncle has had time off at the end of the month…because the rules only apply to me…and then the plane never left.  That plane ticket.

Sometimes it hurts, so badly I must cry out loud

I did a ton of deadlifts today. A set of 4, two sets of 3 at 70 percent, six sets of three at 80 percent. The sixth set of three, last rep didn’t go so good. I’m pretty sure I blew my S/I joint. I’ve done it before and it hurts like this. It will be over a week before they can touch it to fix it. It’s that bad. I’ve been icing it all day. I’m hoping I can ride my new bike tomorrow, but I realize this might be a pipe dream. Last time I did it, I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I’m hoping that it’s not that bad this time. In the interim:


My new bike. I put SPD/SL’s on it, which required new shoes because my cleats weren’t configured correctly, but they were two years old anyway, so what the hey. And because you asked these are the wheels. The rear end is an Ultegra.

And because I can barely move, I spent a lot of time sitting around with the dogs. Here’s a very pretty girl, watching the world go by.


Pour me a cold one and oh, by the way…..

What do I like more? Cindi McCain’s recipes from the Food Network or the fact that John McCain doesn’t think the middle class in this country are getting crunched? Tough call. Either way, they’re underestimating this country. Or if you ask our President we’re misunderestimating the country. I really do not understand why the Republicans are throwing this guy out there. There were better guys in the beginning. This weekend on Bill Maher he opined:

You know that since George Bush has become president, gas has basically tripled in price. Now, Bush is an oil man. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just saying that if we had elected Colonel Sanders president and the price of chicken had tripled, I’d be a little suspicious.

Me too. So McCain aligns himself with that guy? How did the Bushes get to be so powerful in this country? Where’s Dan Quayle?

MAHER: I think if Barack Obama had just chosen his words a little better… instead of saying that people were “bitter” and they “cling” to religion and guns, if he said they were “angry” and they “embrace” their religion, I think all would have gone away

Yeah, that too. He interviewed a bunch of people in Pennsylvania and this is a non-issue to them. They understand what he meant and they are crossing party lines to vote for him. Why? Because they’ve had enough. As far as I’m concerned the best didn’t come out of that party either. I don’t get what’s wrong with this country that we can’t recognize the best and reward it. We do so in sports, but that’s about it. We’re the country the brought you Britney Spears fergodsakes. We’re so ADD we’ve forgotten that we’re supposed to be looking for a 6 foot tall Arab with a kidney dialysis machine wandering the desert, who by the way, we really don’t want to catch or we’d already have him. You see, I believe in our armed forces. It’s our government that troubles me.

Did you know the only real industry still located in this country is the debt industry? Me either. All of us title people have made a lot of money on the debt industry. Now we’re consumers of it. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the various stages of a neighborhood:

  • Integration
  • Equilibrium
  • Disintegration
  • Rejuvenation

At the time I applied that to the Bloodless Empire. I’m thinking it could equally be applied to the entire country. We’re in disintegration right now. We’re mired in a war that we should have never gotten involved in, yet we did. The middle class is being crushed financially and morally and the rich are getting richer. They’re sending our youth to get killed in a fool’s folly and seriously, all we need now is an Italian midget with a fiddle and we’re set to make history.

Speaking of the Bloodless Empire

Here at PBE, we always give credit where credit is due. Executive compensation is a big bugaboo of mine. I gave John Mack a thumbs up for passing on his bonus after the mortgage backed securities debacle. The Merrill Lynch Guy and the Citigroup guy fell on their collective swords, if for no other reason than they sucked horribly, also an acceptable solution in my book. (Golden parachutes, not so much, Stan and Ted) However, now I have to give some props for the leader of the Undead. He refused his bonus and took a monstrous pay cut. Here’s the article from LA Biz on it, the guy from Indymac stepped up to the plate as well. That’s what it means to run a company. Two thumbs up for these LA guys, the Wine Dog lifts a glass to you this evening. That was the right thing to do. Thank you. Seriously.

In the gym

Those of you who have been following this nonsense for any period of time, know that my work out is a 4 week cycle. I finished a cycle today. It was one of the better cycles I’ve done in the last year. My shoulder is strong and I’m lifting well. I added in today’s Crossfit WOD, which was five sets of three shoulder presses. I did 95 pounds. It was brutal.

In the next day or two I’ll get something up about the trip the Napa on Friday. Here’s your teaser. It did involve a nap on a park bench. And cheese.

Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

Or the other song line could have been:

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug

On the other hand, I got a lot done. Sometimes I think Escrow offices are petrie dishes for psychoanalysts. Or maybe just psychos. At the end of the day, it all came out pretty nicely, with the noted exception of an impending departure, which makes me sad. On a better note, the following from the comments section, our very own PBE peanut gallery:

Major news coming our about Donna Hedegard and her pending lawsuit against Mercury and Harritt plus her new job. The good people do prevail !

I’m going to be the Perez Hilton of the title business for a moment. This makes us very happy. (See, gotta love that third person shit) Donna’s one of the good guys and it’s about time she caught a break.

The Wine Dog is Drinking

I almost feel like leaving it at that. Ha! A Keenan 2005 Zinfandel. Jammin’, I hope you like jammin’ too. I concur with his notes. Normally, I’ll pick up something else, but…okay a little leather, but otherwise they’re right on.

The finished wine shows intense black cherry and raspberry fruit in the nose, and hints of black pepper and vanilla add complexity.

Yeah, it’s like that.

This week’s pet peeve

Automatic signature blocks. If it says:

Wine Dog
Master of Disaster

That’s a good sig line. Please, I beg of you, don’t add “regards” or “best regards” or “with regards” on every freaking message. What are you Rockefeller? Carnegie? Thurston Howell III? Give it a rest. My sig reads just like above. The thing I add most is “Thank you”. Imagine that? I suppose if I were the sincerely type I could add that. Or even a “Very Truly yours” if I gave a crap about anyone but myself. But not on every message to every person. Show some respect for the people you write and add a personalized closing. Thank you.

And the week’s not complete without a top ten

These are not most used, well some of them are, they are really most amusing.

  1. John Harritt (I’ll never stop laughing at that one)
  2. Patty Hauptman (google juice baby!)
  3. kill the pink bunny (WTF?)
  4. self absorbed bitch (awe, you shouldn’t have)
  5. head cold while powerlifting training (there’s something I know about)
  6. pinkbunnyears.com
  7. Patrick Stone (Poor guy, that didn’t take long)
  8. Ajicito peppers (I really need to figure out what they really are)
  9. when bunnies have broken ribs (ouch)
  10. pink ass (that’s me)


Today was a day off, but I missed class last night and woke up at 4:30 so I went to the gym. I did this workout, and some kettlebell swings and some cardio. Tomorrow’s a regular powerlifting workout. Why did I miss class you ask? I left the house planning on going. I had to stop and pick up a stamp to mail my IRS return because it weighed a freaking ton and one stamp wouldn’t do it. I had a total of two stamps, which should have done it for two envelopes, but I needed more postage for the IRS return. The Concord Post Office used to have several stamp machines. They have all been removed in lieu of a razz matazz automated piece of crap. I suspect it is made by the same rat bastards that make the voting machines. It broke down upon my arrival. When the worlds slowest postal employee started to fix it methodically, I chose the line that wrapped around the building for the live people instead. An hour and ten minutes later I finally arrive at the counter where she informs me that my return is so thick that it’s a parcel and I have to pay extra. Oh why the Hell not, you already took every last penny I could possibly hope for and then some, take another .90 cents. Please, so I can get back in my car that’s filled with gas at $3.89 a gallon and drive back home because I just missed class. Thanks. Really, best regards.

Another jam, another day, another hair is turning grey

I’ve been formulating a pet peeves post in my head. This morning trying to get into the Trader Joe’s creamer sent me over the roof. I’m not young, but I’m strong and healthy. If I can’t get the freaking foil thing off of the creamer, what in the name of sam hell makes these corporate nitwits think that average people can get into their products? I finally had to tear it off with my teeth. My dentist would not be to happy to know that is the only way I can get into the damned creamer. My Kirkland ibuprofen is childproof, and Wine Dog proof. I have to cut my way into the goddamn thing every time I open a new one. Opening a new thing of salad greens is always an adventure. Does the thing tear completely in half dumping the greens out on the floor or does it just stretch and stretch and never allow me in until the greens are all bruised from me fighting to get into it? Costco chicken breasts come in bags of 8 or 9 million. They have these handy little zip lock things. They zip lock so tightly that I have to chew my way back into the bag every time I want another one. How about those damned plastic clamshells that electronics come in? They’re heat sealed around the outside and sometimes more than that. Normal scissors won’t penetrate the thick seals. How the hell do they think you’re going to get your new widget out of the package without breaking it? What are these guys thinking who put this stuff together?

Down on the Farm

The Wine Dog’s beat and there isn’t any let up until next Friday. This morning the alarm went off, because I’m working today too, and I couldn’t do it. Rita didn’t get the memo. She was jumping around and like every morning, she managed to land her big fat paw on my ACL. It consistently wakes me up…in a rage. This morning, I pushed the snooze, got up, fed them, opened the back door and went back to bed. Beau always eats and goes back to bed. He’s a lazy bastard. I hit the snooze a time or two and then realized that Rita was back curled up next to me. Sleeping with me was more interesting to her this morning than torturing the poor woodpile mice. That made me happy. Rita is gaining weight. Her ribs are not pronounced any more and her hips are filling out. I stop by the vet every other Thursday night and put her on the scale, so there’ll be a report on Thursday. I know she’s up three pounds, it could be more by now.

Yesterday was a cardio day, so I did a couple of hybrid crossfit workouts with the cardio. One you had to do one pull up in the first minute, then two in the second, three in the third, etc. to failure. I can’t do any pull ups, so I got on the Gravitron and did as many as I could, then waited a minute and maxxed out again, then waited a minute until finally (eight sets later) I could only do one. Then I also added in this workout from last week. Maybe that’s why I can’t get out of bed this morning. Or maybe it was that the Wine Dog was drinking Clos Pegase 2003 Mitsuko’s Merlot. It’s not like the stuff from Sideways. It’s full bodied, blackberries, cherries, plums and a little floral on the nose. It’s a great Merlot in the Bordeaux style. And they are one of my favorite wineries.

I’m gonna get two days for the price of one

When I first got Beauregard he was just a riot.  The things that went through his dog brain just amazed me.  I thought Xica was creative, Beau was the guy at the party with the lampshade on his head, because nobody does that old joke any more.  He was the dude crushing beer cans on his forehead and opening the bottles with his teeth.  Chicks dug him.  That’s my guy.  Xica actually climbed up ONTO a picnic table to eat the spread one time.  Beau never got a chance at that trick but he had enough of his own.  Rita is following bravely in his footsteps.  I watched her come into the house and leap onto the couch last night.  Leap.  From across the room leap, circle mid air and lay down.  She inhales her supper.  She doesn’t give kisses, she bowls you over and hugs you.  She bounds through the yard keeping us safe from squirrels, rats and mice.  Not that she’s caught a one, but we’re safe with her on patrol.  I used to have a couple of cats who crapped in the back yard.  No more.  Rita has secured the perimeter.  This dog takes life in great big bites and swallows it whole.  Her approach is so unabashedly all out.  That dog leaves nothing on the table at the end of the day.  I may follow in her footsteps.

On the Coconut Telegraph

American Title is open in Alameda County, Coco County is right behind them, so sayeth those who whisper into our pinkbunnyears.  Things could get very interesting very fast.  Good news -John Harritt is not involved in this project.  God knows what he’s calling around about; maybe he’s looking for the directions out of the PBE doghouse?  Oh Johnny, it’s like finding your way out of Bill Foley’s dog house.  Google his name…I dare you.  Who taught that damned Wine Dog how to use search engine optimizers?  Bad Wine Dog.

Today I did my regular work out and then added a little crossfit at the end.  I could only do three sets of the five, mostly because I’d already done a complete powerlifting workout.  Cross fit was:

1-1-1-1-1 shoulder press

3-3-3-3-3 push press

5-5-5-5-5 push jerk

I got through three cycles and my shoulder was done.  How done?  I remembered to ice today done.  Tonight I’m running the dogs three miles, or walking and running and jogging and dragging my ass…

You’ll let nobody wait outside your door


See how safely the SFPeeDee rides?

About today’s festivities… PSYCH! Here’s the English version. Conveniently displayed next to the two headed baby. And for all of your that think American media is slanted, here’s a reality check. Because we all know the Dalai Lama is such a lying sack of shit. Hell, just last night he was out in Oaktown with Desmond Tutu hanging with the bitches. Think there’s a disconnect? I went over to the Embarcadero at lunch. I signed up for Chris Daly’s text alerts today. I got about 20 of them. Too bad they missed the boat…and then some. SFGATE was reporting that they were going to skip the Embarcadero completely and take the Police boat. So I hoofed it over to the Ferry Building. While protesters are facing off on the Embarcadero, I’m out on the wharf hoping to catch the Police boat. CBS radio reported that the cops had jet skis in the water and I thought I was good as gold. You see, as I was walking out to the end of the wharf, there were a few people walking out there too, but then the tv news guys came out there and I thought I’d nailed it. No such luck. All of the sudden the helicopters disappeared and the report came in; the torch was heading over to Van Ness. Game over. Go back to work Wine Dog. You lose.

The whole scenario is pretty interesting to me. On one hand you have 80 people who either paid their way in, wrote their way in or were picked for some reason to be a runner with the torch. Pretty much an honor in my book. Then you have the Chinese government who are still the regime they have always been, they just figured out how to take Western money and benefit from it. Aren’t they the clever ones? Then you have Tibet and Burma and Darfur and every one else who’s been shat upon by the Chinese regime. Then you have a slew of families who braved all the bullcrap so that their kids might catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch. Take the politics out of it and you have 80 people who had a very interesting day running the Olympic torch, two by two up Van Ness and across the Marina. And thousands who got faked out by the City of San Francisco. Amongst all the protesters were people who actually just wanted to see the torch, because before all the bullshit started, people still like the Olympics and the pageantry and all that crap. Those guys were out there too and they left with nothing more than a freak show. All the money that was spent here, and while it is a matter of civic and National pride to have been selected, I think at the end of the day, Newsom should have said “You know what? Keep it”.

Sometimes, it’s great to be me

I was falling asleep in class last night, which really sucked. The instructor singled me out and told everyone how I was the Senior Commercial Title Officer for the Bloodless Empire and the links that she was a little incredulous about last week were as good as gold. Of course they were.  Then she said that when we started talking about preliminary title reports I was going to be quite useful. They’re Preliminary Reports the word “Title” was dropped in the 80’s. You know, when we used to actually do the job they pay us to do?  But I didn’t correct that just then.  I was going to do yesterday’s crossfit workout this morning but when I got home from class last night, the sleepiness had passed and it was 11pm before I hit it. That makes 4:30am very early in the morning. So I’ll give it another run tomorrow morning when I haven’t been up so late…I hope.

Rita’s world

Monday night I went out in the yard and there was a broken beer bottle at the end of the patio. I live alone and currently have few visitors…it’s kind of still a construction zone here. I didn’t break the beer bottle so that leaves a dog. It had been next to the barbecue about seven feet away where it had been left several months ago. Now it was seven feet away from where it was, and it was broken, and much of it was missing. I start freaking out that Rita has decided for whatever reason to eat glass. Sonofabun luckily called just then and suggested I check her mouth for cuts. Logically, if she was eating glass she should have cut her mouth. It makes sense.   Don’t ask me why Sonofabun was making sense. No cuts. I feel a little better, but I still can’t explain what I’m seeing. I check Beau’s mouth too, no cuts on him either. Sonofabun advises that they’ll be sick soon if someone ate it. I mean, really, what am I going to do?  Take two dogs in and have them cut open searching for a potentially phantom piece of glass?  So for two days I’ve been on strict poop patrol and I can advise that things are coming out fine here at the Farm.

Speaking of which, I’m filling in the raised beds a little at a time because my back doesn’t like shoveling dirt. I should have them filled in and ready to plant by the weekend. Good thing, on the wages I get from the Bloodless Empire, I’m going to have to grow my own food…and probably annoy my neighbors with chickens.

Somewhere between raising Hell and amazing grace

This is Crossfit’s workout for yesterday

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

I didn’t do that. I did this:

  • Deadlift till knees 115 (4X1) 135 (4X2) 160 (3X2) 175 (3X4)
  • Bench press 115 (5X1) 135 (5X1) 160 (4X2) 175 (3X2) 185 (2×2) 175 (3×2) 160 (5×2) 135 (7×1) 115 (9×1)
  • Flat dumbbells “flies”10×5.
    Deadlift 115 (4×1) 135 (4×1) 160 (3×2) 185 (3×5)
  • Leg Curl 10X5

Usually I do kettlebell swings with that workout, but I forgot yesterday morning. I was hustling to get through my workout, shower, etc. and out to an open house I was doing for a friend. It’s amazing how you can get somewhere on time where you care to and can’t get to other places when you don’t care.

Today, I’ve got a four mile dog walk. I’m trying to decide if they both go or not. Rita has just started playing with toys. That’s not something she did when she got here. She didn’t play with toys or things she wasn’t supposed to, with the noted exception of the bicycle pump. She hasn’t done too much destruction, but she did get the dog brush yesterday, I caught her and saved it. I think compared to the amount of destruction Xica did, I’m in great shape. Xica, got into my desk drawers once and had a field day. She was relegated to the bathroom while I was at work. She ate all of the moulding off of the walls in there and finally one day chewed through the pressure hose on the toilet. She flooded my place and my landlord’s place, as he lived downstairs. This was before cell phones so I had a couple of frantic calls from him ending with, I need to go into your place. I got the first and second message and had left the office and headed home. Upon my arrival I found my landlord standing in four inches of water and Xica soaked standing there next to him wagging her tail, thrilled that I was home early and water shooting out of the pressure hose and running down the wall. He made me get all wet and turn it off. I can’t remember who rebuilt that bathroom, it was before I started doing that sort of work myself, possibly The Brother, he’ll remember for sure. The landlord was actually pissed that I did such a good job and he had to give me back my deposit.


That picture was probably taken in 1992 at the Marin Humane Society’s Canine Games. Xica owned the tennis ball toss. The purpose was to have your dog catch the tennis ball when you threw it to them. Xica never missed a tennis ball thrown to her. Ever. She was part Border Collie, part Pit Bull and part Mastiff. Her tenacity was unmatched. I’ve got a good throwing arm so I could almost always throw her a perfect strike. We never missed because of her, always me. The longest distance we had to do was the width of the Humane Society’s barn. Xica and I always practiced with the length of the barn, just to mess with the competition. We won all but one year. She was a great frisbee dog until she blew out her ACL. Put a pit bull brain in a border collie body and you get one screaming intense little dog.


She was all about throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball, like a border collie, but in her case, that message was followed up with throw the goddamned ball. She was one intense little dog. Before she blew out her ACL she was a rock hard 80 pounds of dog muscle. She scared the crap out of passers by. Then she blew out her knee and I took 10 pounds off of her. She was still scary looking to strangers, just not as big. When she passed away, she was 60 pounds, but she was also more than 15 years old. It’s been three years and I miss that dog every single day.

xica-sleeping.JPGClick me!

This was taken two weeks before she passed away. She was one great little dog. Rita is wild like Xica was. I’m hoping that Rita develops the same way Xica did, (having the same trainer and all). I see the potential for her being as great a dog as Xica was.

We have all been here before

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal published this piece today. The full text is posted here, but really, if you are a regular pinkbunnyears gentle reader, it’s deja vu, because EVERYTHING save the Mike Vera quote and the $21 million figure have been posted here already. In some cases, months ago. The Wine Dog is dialed in, not to blow my own horn, but goddamn! We all knew about this already. I need to walk over there and see if they’ll tell me when the rescheduled date is, but we know it exists. We knew about the Labor Commission’s unprecedented action against Mercury Companies. Come on Patty, did you think these people couldn’t read a W-2? And even though the article doesn’t mention it, we know that employee wages cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, no matter how much you want this to go away. I do know that you can sell a couple of airplanes, a mountain house and an estate in Santa Barbara and get $21 million dollars. That’s one big ass line of credit eh Patty?

This just in

John Harritt joining the Wayne and Ritard show? Isn’t that the Axis of Evil? I thought we were fighting them there so we didn’t have to fight them here…

Crossfit Redux

So today I read the workout properly. Today is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio day. So I figure I have 10-12 minutes to throw in a Crossfit workout. It looks pretty simple.

Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Piece o’ cake eh? Not so much. I load the thing up with 65 pounds because the jerk part is going to be a little heavy, the clean part I know I can nail. I got my ass handed to me by a lousy 65 pound barbell. I will keep this stupid stuff up until I prevail.

Forgive, sounds good, forget, I’m not sure I could

There’s been some gremlins in the Wine Dog’s mailbox as of late. (insert the sound of information coming in over the wire)

Just heard thru the vine that Gateway Title (what’s left of it) is closing as of the 15th. LandAm had been shrinking it for the last few years. Only thing left was Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, both with minimal people. Two title units and three or four escrow offices. Next for closure is United Title then Commonwealth. The surviving LandAm companies will be Lawyers and Southland. Don’t know if this is for all of California or just SoCal…..

Ted’s Not So Excellent Title Adventure could get a little more adventurous for our Southern California brethren. And in the comments section was this jewel:

John Harritt has made a few calls to a few of the other higher level scroundrels previously with Alliance advising ” he has something in the works relative to a new opportunity and would they be interested “. I know of at least one that said, HELL NO !!

Do not drink the Kool-Aid. The guy is incompetent on a good day. Who builds offices and recruits people away from good jobs in a declining market? Only a Class One Ass Clown with a degree in Communications. Is he who’s inquiring about title plants? Looking for underwriters? Space? Or is it the Wayne and Ritard show? Run! Gentle readers. Run in the other direction! Unless of course you haven’t gone back to work. In that case take the job.

Doberman Story out of LA. I love when they show’em like the little babies they are. Mine are on squirrel patrol after finishing our 3 mile walk, sometimes jog occasionally run.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

The Wine Dog is drinking Chappellet 2005 Mountain Cuvee. Blackberries, plums, vanilla and spice. It’s a Bordeaux style, obviously red, table wine.

I have to turn myself in

I spent 10 minutes in the gym searching for a spot for my last set. I’d benched what I thought was a set of 5, two sets of four, two sets of three and two sets of two. It was time to bench three sets of one with 205 on the bar. I find the spot get all set up and nail it. As a matter of fact it was so easy that I thought something was wrong. And there was. I had 35’s on it, not 45’s so I was only benching 185, which I should own. Duh!