Your body won’t be injured but in your mind you’ll get scared

For the record, I have several rants brewing, so that’s going to be the theme for a while. Bubba is a head case.  We all know that.  He’s my head case.  I love that dog but sometimes he can work your last nerve.  Like jumping on Norman and starting the brawl to end it all […]

Mental wounds still screaming, driving me insane

There is something very wrong with Norman.  I don’t know if the year long lick granuloma finally caught up with his system or it’s something else, but there is something wrong with that dog. Yesterday he insisted on being under my desk all day, which is den like.  He can’t move properly either.  He’s whimpering when he moves certain ways and […]

I stepped outside myself and felt so cold

Bon mots and cheap shots this morning. And there is consequence to action.  Sometimes the asshole that starts the whole thing rolling doesn’t have to feel the pain, but here’s one that should have.  Yeah, we’re still working on the family pets shot by police theme.  It’s probably time for a category for that. I’ve […]