Quick weigh in

Weight 215
FAT 36.8
BMI 36.6

I’m off on a 2 hour or maybe an hour and a half bike ride. The wind has died down and it’s gorgeous here. Today ends one week of acting pretty damned right on my new BFL challenge. Tomorrow morning’s weigh in will be of great interest.

Things are looking up

Today’s weigh in:

Weight 214
Fat 36.9
BMI 36.5

Now I have to make it through a breakfast meeting with no sinning today. I am focused, I will perservere. Tomorrow they’re bringing in ribs. I’m going to ask them to order me a chicken breast. I’ve made great progress this week and I’m not going backwards.

The heat has gone away, and it’s normal weather here. I’m hoping for a still evening and a killer bike ride tonight.