Send me away with the words of a love song

At the end of 2016 everyone was complaining about what a crap year it was.  Well, I’d take 2016 back in a heartbeat right now.

Two days ago I had to put Rita to sleep.  It was one of the five worst days of my life.  The day I lost my father.  The day I lost Xica.  The day I lost Beauregard and the day I lost Rita.

My life is not the same.  She was a huge personality that permeated everything that happened at the Farm.

Nine years and one week.  That’s how long Rita was in my life.  Slightly more if you count back to when I originally met her.  She was on my first rescue transport.  I picked up two dogs in Los Gatos and drove them to Vallejo.  Everybody told me I was going to fall in love with the big goofy red boy Hoss.  Didn’t happen.  The other dog was this dark red bitch.  She got into the front seat and pressed the top of her head into my chest and didn’t move for the entire trip.  I scratched under her chin and she did a little two step thing that she did her entire life, including for the neurologists at Davis.  On Thursday, the last day of her life, they brought her in and she pressed her head against my chest and I scratcher her chin.

I dropped Rita off back in December 2007 at the appointed location and handed her over to the woman who is now my friend to drive to Red Bluff, but Rita never left my mind.  Several weeks later when the flyer came out about her I called up the rescue and said “Don’t send out those flyers, I want that dog.”

January 2008 was a stormy January, just like this one.  I had to wait for the storm to clear to go get her.

Originally, I did not crate her.  And she tore up my shit.  Once.  Then she moved to a crate.  I remember the first thing she did was beat the crap out of Beauregard.  Here is my favorite picture of them together.

I always felt like that dog was the adult around here and the rest of us just got to live here.  She spanked every boy I ever brought through here.  And beat Little Sister bloody.

Little Sister did not understand who the big bitch of the household was.

Rita ran and ran and ran.  If the sun was out, she was in the yard patrolling for varmits.  All of the time.  The sun went down and Rita would come inside and assume her position on the dog couch and go to sleep.  Occasionally she would check on me but for the most part, she just kept an eye on me from a distance.  As she got older she would come to my chair at night and want to be pet, for hours.  She just wanted me.  She’d come up to me in the kitchen in the morning and lay her head along my leg and want her ears scratched.  She’d always jump up when I moved around in the morning and follow me where ever I went.  Her cold wet nose greeting me at my bedside for years.  She killed more varmits than any other dog I have ever owned including the execution of the rat that found it’s way all the way back to my office closet.  She was Rita the Assassin.

Years ago I asked God for my decisions regarding end of life with my dogs to always be clear.  The decision with Rita was crystal clear.  She was miserable and in incredible pain.  The only reason I would have taken her home from Davis was to make myself feel better.  There was no benefit to Rita.  I let her go at Davis and donated her body to research.

This is the last photo I took of Rita before I let her go.  This picture tells me I did the right thing.

She went out with the throttle full on just like she lived every day with me.  She was my little hot rod, my pretty little girl, my cholla bitch and my heart.  She had become a little stiff moving and back in September I took her to an acupuncturist.  That helped her some.  Her knees were blown years ago and we chose not to operate so the obvious diagnosis was arthritis.  The last week in December she was hunched over as if she might be bloated.  I rushed her in only to find that she was not bloated, but in some pain.  We put her on Rimadyl.  On January 4 I took her back to Encina Veterinary clinic.  I moved the dogs the Encina after Beauregard died.  My hope was that if I needed someone to look at a sick dog I could get them in because I was a client.  As it turned out that didn’t work.  Rita was urinarily and fecally incontinent.  They thought Rita had a urinary infection and gave her antibiotics.  She continued to deteriorate.

On Monday January 9th I called Encina three times trying to get to talk to the vet.  I tried to get an appointment for her and the first time they could get her in was Friday.  The vet finally said she thought I needed neuro.  I called to make an appointment with the neurologist and the first available was January 26th.  I told them I was pretty certain that without intervention my dog would not live that long.  The squeezed her into the schedule on January 19th.  On Tuesday morning she was worse.  I called the Canine Rehabilitation Center and they got her in within 90 minutes.  That vet did a more thorough examination than any of the other vets had done to date.  She said there was something neurologically wrong and I needed to get her in ASAP.  I opted for UC Davis.  She told me how to “back door” their system.  I called to get an appointment first and the first appointment they had was in February.  They said “Have your vet call and if we believe it’s an emergency we can take her on an emergency basis”.  CRC called and set it up within an hour.  UC Davis called back and said “Can you come now?”  It was Tuesday night and it was pouring rain with no let up in sight.  But my Dad wasn’t around any more to tell me how stupid it was to drive to Davis in that rainstorm so I said “Yes” and away we went.

It was my mother’s birthday so I stopped and bought her a birthday cake, dropped it off, said happy birthday to took off.  I had to buy new windshield wipers and a tank of gas in the deluge, but I did and we took off.  She had three board certified neurosurgeons examining her and a student.  I signed off on $7000 surgery bill to save that dog.  They did a complete neuro work up and determined that yes, there was a problem around her L5-S1 sacrum area.  They would hospitalize her and do more tests in the morning.

The morning brought a full spinal XRay which revealed a 6-8 centimeter mass on her spleen and something “bothersome” at the L5 juncture.  Did I want to do an MRI or an ultrasound with a needle biopsy.  I opted wisely for the latter.  As it turns out, I saved myself around $1500 by being right the first time.  No MRI was needed.  The needle biopsy determined she had osteosarcoma and the outlook was bleak.  They said she was in pain from the days testing and they would like to keep her over night and manage her pain intravenously.  I agreed.  She had not been eating for me and as it turns out a tech spent 30 minutes trying to get her to eat 1/2 can of dog food.  The next step was clear.

The thing about UC Davis is that it’s a teaching and research hospital.  I asked Travis the young student if letting her go was the correct thing to do.  He said “It would not be wrong”.  I asked him if there would be a benefit to donating her body to science.  He said there was a program and yes.  He brought in Rita and it was clear that she was done.  She buried her head in my lap and I just stroked her head.  He brought in a blanket for her to lay on.  I helped her down but she yelped in pain.  They let me spend about 30 minutes with her.  I don’t recall every crying this much over a dog.  Even Beauregard was not as painful as this.  She was with me longer than Beau.  And with Xica I was expecting it because of her age.  Rita just never really slowed down until that last week in December.  I laid on the floor with her.  Holding her, telling her what a great dog she had been and how much I loved her.  I told her to look for Beauregard when they gave her the pink juice.  And she died in my arms.

My life will never be the same because that dog came into my life.  I am broken right now.  It will get better in time, but it’s going to take some time.

Hold on real tight, it’s gonna be alright.

Here’s the thing. HRC won the popular vote as of this morning. But that’s not the point. DJT won the electoral college and those are the rules. She has been gracious and instead of whining about it being unfair, she went and walked her dogs. That being said, when your guy wins have some compassion. Take a moment to go back in time. AIG just failed. Lehman Bros is gone. Your home lost 50% of it’s value. Gas is $5 a gallon and you’re unemployed. The stock market was around 8800, your 401k was devastated. How did you feel in 2008? 2012? Be honest with yourself. The other side feels just like you did back then, whatever that was. Right now many of Trump’s supporters are acting like a bunch of frat boys on spring break. Screaming “get over it” at the other side is not how you heal. Healing takes time. It’s too soon. Have some compassion. It’s not about the loss, it’s about the future. Trump promised to deport their friends and bar their family from entering the country. There are people who have been here 30 years that are terrified. There are people whose married status is now in danger. He promised to end the ACA which will take away their health care. He ran on the slogan “Make America Great Again”. When did he think America was greater than it is today? Was it before we allow the faggots to marry? Was it before we let the colored people drink at the same fountain? Was it when women couldn’t vote? When was America great? When everyone spoke English? Was it before the dirty Irish got here? Or the stinking Italians? They didn’t speak English. Was it before the Jews took over all of the banks? Which racist axiom is it? I just kind of need to know, because if it was during Prohibition I’m going to need more booze. It has much less to do with Trump and much more to do with his actual words which has led to his perceived positions. If you had asked me six years ago about this match up I would have chosen Trump over Clinton. Trump’s own words and actions changed my mind about him. Truth be told if Weld had been at the top of the ticket I would have gone to that ticket. I’ve heard more than once that Trump isn’t going to do what he promised during the campaign. Great. What is he going to do? Did he communicate with you telepathically? What does this countries future look like? Because if he’s not going to do what he said he’s going to do, then what is he going to do? I promise you, I’ve never had a politician telepathically communicate their position on anything to me so I’m a little concerned about the pathology that goes into supporting a guy whose positions you don’t agree with. But let’s talk about the protesters. Don’t like protesting? Then I know you were up in arms over the Tea Party protests over TARP right? Or do you just not like when people protest that you don’t agree with? I don’t condone violence and I don’t condone the destruction of property. I hate the rent-a-mob that spoils every bay area protest, they are anarchists not aligned with anything the normal people protesting care about. I will drive 30 miles to stay out of the fray in Oakland without complaining because it’s their right to protest. It is the American way. For those of you who forgot history, that started way back in 1773 in Boston Harbor. That being said, I am personally giving this situation the benefit of the doubt. That didn’t work out very well for anyone in 2000 but we don’t have a choice. I know Trump is a guy who had made bad decisions in the past, we’ve heard about a bunch of them. In the past he could just file bankruptcy or get a divorce and move on. If he blows it this time, we all go down with him. So I am standing with President Obama who wisely said that this new administration has to be successful, because we all depend on their success. Every one of us. So let’s hope he’s successful and this country continues to move forward and not backwards.


You’re king in a fool’s paradise

It’s time for me to just totally lose my shit.

Dear Republicans,

You seething pile of rubbish!  You are a bunch of idiots.  You say less government but want to legislate bathrooms and abortions and gay marriage and make up shit that just doesn’t matter.  Like there is no such thing as an abortion in the 9th month, but you candidate is such a freaking moron that he thinks there is.  And you stupid shits listen to him and his ilk.  You deserve each other.  You’re heading to a civil war within your party and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of ignorant inbred backwoods pig humpers.

Here’s the deal, there was one guy you should have run.  And you never looked at him.  You chose a narcissist with two ex-wives more baggage than Zsa Zsa Gabor in her prime and an orange hue.  You chose someone with no solutions and a mouth full of hateful rhetoric.  You chose a disgusting little excuse for a human being who serially abuses women because he’s got money and he can get away with it.  You chose a bully with over 200 lawsuits against him.  You chose a man who is currently being sued for child rape and fraud.  You chose that and denigrated a woman who has had over $15million of my money spent trying to indict her by her enemies with no success.  Yet you file bankruptcy to avoid your legal losses.

You’re done.  You are all done.  Enough is enough.  Enough hate.  Enough.

I can’t change your mind, you can’t change my color

I am raging this fine Sunday morning.

Goddammit.  How many more negroes have to die before white people figure it out?  Two more this week.  This week Charlotte Mecklenburg shot a man with traumatic brain injury.  The father of seven.  Killed him dead.  If that wasn’t outrageous enough Tusla police shot and killed a pastor.  A pastor whose father taught him to put his hands on the roof of the car when the police were jacking him up.  Did your Dad teach you what to do when you are being jacked up by the police?  Thought not.  Terrence Crutcher was a pastor and a father of four.  A God fearing man.  A good man.  Shot him dead.  Like a dog in the road.

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention!

Imagine, it’s Saturday night and your son is going to go out with friends.  What do you say?  Don’t drink and drive, just because they’re doing it doesn’t mean you have to, remember who you are and do the right thing, be respectful to the girls you meet, call if you need a ride home and oh yeah, don’t get your ass shot by the local PD.  If you are white in America you don’t have to say the last part, but if you are a black mother in America, every single time your son goes outside you have to worry if some trigger happy jackass of a cop is going to shoot off your son’s ass of that night.

What has been happening is outrageous and wrong.  It only stops when white people say “Enough!” and stand with our fellow Americans of color.  If you saw the video of Terrence Crutcher being murdered, you could hear the officer in the helicopter say “looks like a bad dude, too. Could be on something.” How the hell does he determine that from a freaking helicopter?  Because Crutcher woke up black in America.  And that cost him his life.  And four children no longer have a daddy.  Because Crutcher was a family man, a Godly man, a gospel singer and now that “bad dude” is a dead man.  And the cop in the chopper should be disciplined as well.

There is no justification for this.  None.

This bullshit that “I was in fear for my life” is just that.  Bullshit.  A total cop out and we must not accept this as an answer.  That’s the canned answer for every single police screw up.  You know what?  If you’re such a chicken shit, get another job.  You are not cut out for policing.  Your job is to “protect and serve”.  When you are murdering unarmed citizens, you are doing neither.  You are oppressing Americans of color and you are putting other cops in harm’s way with your incompetence.  Go home, you are incompetent and do not deserve the shield.

Until we stop with the bullshit wiggle words and have the hard conversations, this shit just won’t end.  We have to support Kaepernick and his protest, because if he was not in the NFL and wasn’t as recognizable as he is, he knows and you should know, he runs the risk of being shot by the police.  We have to all take a knee.  We have to stop saying stupid shit like “blue lives matter” or “all lives matter”, and start paying attention.  We need to start thinking about what the nice African American lady at work goes through when her son walks out the door every day.  When her husband stops for groceries on his way home from work.  When he takes a different route home because he’s helping some old lady from church get something down out of the attic.  When he goes to pick up their kids from school.  Will her loved one be next?  White people don’t go through that.  So yeah, black lives matter.  And us white people need to figure it out.

He said kill them before they grow

And it’s time for me to weigh in on some bullshit.

It’s football and that means Not For Long if you don’t get out there and execute.  It also means a whole bunch of bullshit.  First off, taking everyone off the field when someone has a boo boo?  Bullshit.  Crabtree’s penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct?  Bullshit.  And Kaepernick?  #ISitWithKaep.  Yep.  Why?

Example:  I might have gone out and got a little tore up Friday night.  I took the Uber home.  Then I needed an Uber the next day to get back to my car.  A very nice black man picked me up.  I had to look twice because he looked a lot like Shaq.  Only about a foot and a half shorter.  And I so did not want to be pranked feeling like crap.  We started talking about football.  And drinking.  He said it was smart to take an Uber for $10 and save $10,000 in fines.  He is working on his Class A license.  He was a very good driver.  I said “Yeah, I’ve had enough troubles with the police, I don’t need to take chances.”  Then we started talking about the draft.  Yeah, I got Big Ben.  And Le’Veon Bell.  And by the way I picked up Kaep.  He looked at me.  Oh hell yeah I did.  With all the bullshit he started, he can’t be a piker this year.  He has to play his balls off.  And by the way, I am with Kaep.  He looked at me over his sunglasses.  Yes I am.  Do you know why?  No.  Well, here goes.  If you and me are in two different cars doing the exact same stupid thing driving down the road, which one of us gets pulled over?  He’s quiet.  You, my man.  We both know that.  And that’s wrong because I’m probably doing more stupid stuff than you are.  I have more tickets than you probably ever will and I’m the one they need to look at, but they won’t.  They’ll pull you over.  Now, if a cop was getting ready to go on break had already called in and I drove by all by myself and there was no one else on the road, they’d pull me over and they have over the years, but if it’s between you and me, you’re getting popped.  And that my friend is why I am with Kaep.

Now most white people don’t think like that.  And I know it’s an uncomfortable position, but it’s a hell of a lot better than being shot by a cop.  People think that it’s ok for Kaep to protest, just not like he is, because it’s the National Anthem.  Well, that sounds good but it wasn’t the national anthem when my mother was born.  Or my father.  There were lots of songs used intermittently including America the Beautiful and My Country Tis of Thee and Hail Columbia.  I prefer the latter.    The thing is, there’s this little issue with Francis Scott Keys’ lyrics.  You know, third verse same as first…except it ain’t.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country, should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

He is celebrating the death of the slaves that the British co-oped for the battle.  Which, if you’re black, ain’t that comfortable either.  If you’re white you’re probably sitting there saying “We don’t sing that verse anyway.”

The thing is, unless you’re extremely empathetic or have walked in their shoes, you don’t know what someone else’s journey is like.  And to that end, I’m with Kaep.

So I’m begging you please man, don’t call the policeman

And now, something horrible happened in Dallas.  I have to say, it was just a matter of time.

This little gem was taken from a post when Eric Garner was killed back in 2014:

Here’s the deal and I’ve been talking about this for months.  Everyone talks about how few Realtors are actually good at their jobs.  About 10% will really rock your world.  Another 10-15% can do a decent job.  The next 60% are just average.  They don’t do anything amazing but they don’t screw up fantastically either.  The last 20% are thieves, liars and cheats.  Completely incompetent.  Think about the field you’re in.  The same thing is true.  It’s true for lawyers, it’s true in the military, it’s true for every other field out there.  Including policing.  The problem is cops have guns and interact with the general public.  So their screw ups are magnified.

The post was entitled “They have the authority to kill a minority”.  Damn.  I hate it when I’m that right.  And then when someone who is in the business actually agrees with me.  Goddamn.

Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II have the blood of the Dallas cops on their hands.  Jeronimo Yanez has the blood of the Dallas cops on his hands.  If they don’t violate the human rights of innocent black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are just fine and went to work yesterday.  And five Dallas cops went home to their families last night.  It’s on your hands.  And for the love of all things holy, you asshats trot out that “I was in fear for my life” bullshit and this country is going to erupt.

You can’t keep shooting black men and not expect the community to rise up.  I think we are on the verge of a 1968 riots situation.  I think the frustration level is that high.  And I think it’s fixin’ to boil over.  A lone gunman did a terrible thing in Dallas Thursday night.  A cop did a terrible thing in Falcon Heights last Wednesday.  Two cops did a terrible thing in Baton Rouge.  And it needs to stop.  If the police community does not address this problem with vigor, we are headed to a race war.  And we deserve it.


I’m a sniper with a hell of a scope

I’m going to vent my spleen today.  And with good cause.  The bulk of the white population of this country really does not understand what the black experience is.  And if I see one more white twat on Fox News talking about it, I might just lose my mind.

In the Bay Area we’re pretty integrated.  My friends are every machination of the rainbow.  But here’s the thing, if  you’re Filipino/black like one friend of mine, you’re black.  If you’re Japanese/black, you’re black.  If you’re white/black you’re black.  And you’re now at risk.  That’s right, perfectly innocent people who have some melanin in their skin are at risk.  Every one of them in America today.  And last night we got to watch it play out live on Facebook.

Philando Castile and his girlfriend and her 4yo daughter were driving down the road, minding their own business when a St. Anthony’s cop pulled them over for a broken taillight.


The big problem, besides they shot and killed a man for following instructions?  The tail lights worked fine.  He told the officer he had a gun, the officer told him to produce his identity.  Conflicting instructions by a cop.  Like that’s never happened before.  Their adrenaline rushes and they give conflicting instructions.  We pretend like they’re trained to the nines but they ain’t.  And he pumps at least three shots into the man.  In front of his girlfriend and her 4yo.  That cop shot him like a rabid dog.

This must end.  As far as I’m concerned the police state in this country needs to be dismantled.  They’ve proven over and over again that they cannot properly due their job without shooting the brown public.  Enough.  Enough.

On the other side of a downward spiral

This is going to be a little hit and run but there is so much going on and so much for me to say.

Trump.  Is anyone actually paying attention to this guy?  It’s Munich 1931 all over again.  Want to know how a country can go mad?  Watch us go down this path.  It’s terrifying. Building a wall to keep out the Mexicans.  Throwing out all of the Muslims even though they are as Constitutionally protected as your dear firearms.

And Orlando.  It’s all rainbows and unicorns until some nut case shoots up a gay bar.  Now you pissed off the queers and they are coming for your guns.  That damned Obama, seven years of waiting for him to come for our guns and that lazy SOB didn’t do a thing.  Shoot up a queer bar and y’all are going to get disarmed.  You just screwed with the most organized sector in America.  These guys had to fight to get a bigoted President to acknowledge a pandemic.  Taking away your AR-15 is child’s play for them.

And Hilary.  I know we all have to hold our noses and vote this year.  Easily the less of the evils but dear Democrats did you not have anything better to trot out there?  Seriously.  That’s what you got?  Of course the same question could be asked of the Republicans.  Ted Cruz?  Marco Rubio?  And that wanker from Ohio?  You didn’t have a single normal person to trot out there?

Whiskey.  Tango  Foxtrot.



Must have a code that you can live by

For every cause there is an effect.  The Turtle is struggling with that right now.  You let hate flourish and you end up with Donald Trump.  Melania is upset that her husband is being compared to Hitler?  “He wants to help America.  He wants to unite people”  She doesn’t get it.  He didn’t start out killing Jews.  He started out blaming Jews for what was wrong with Germany.  And that united Germany.  Now do you get it?  Oh well it was worth a shot.

More cause and effect.  We have a particularly selfish streak in our society right now.  We don’t compromise, we want what we want and the hell with the rest of you.  You know, the guy in traffic that shoots all the way to the front even though there’s a big freaking fire engine blocking off two lanes for a huge accident, just to pick up a few car lengths when he merges at the last minute?  Or shoots up the Fastrak lane only to switch out because he doesn’t have a Fastrak?  And jacks up the whole traffic flow?  But that’s what he needs right now and the hell with the rest of us.

I had a perfect example of this last Sunday night.  We managed to get great spots at the Fillmore for the Acoustic for a Cure concert.  James Hetfield, Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Melissa Etheridge, John Mayer, Tommy Lee and Pat Monahan.  It was the floor and there was no seating.  This dude about halfway through the show pushed in front of me and just stood there.  He was slightly taller than me and blocked me out.  I said “Keep moving dude.”  He just stood there.  I repeated a little louder “Keep moving dude”.  And I wasn’t the only one.  He says “Wow, not a very friendly crowd”.  Dude, we’re plenty friendly when you’re not a douchebag.  Here’s the deal, you act like an ass and get bent when we call you on it.  You self entitled little prick.  Check yourself.  And do us all a favor, if you can’t, wreck yourself.

Yesterday in traffic, little douchebag, plenty of places to merge.  Not this self entitled little jerk off.  He waits to the very front and jacks up traffic at the 580 split.  Then he gives the driver who let him in a little wave like “Hey thanks”.  Jerkoff.  The thing is, little douchebag, what if someone behind me doesn’t notice that you’ve stopped traffic because you think you’re better than everyone else?  What if I get rear ended?  Wouldn’t be the first time that scenario ended like that.  And now I’m hurt because you think you’re better than the rest of us.  You put me in harms way for a couple of car lengths.  You suck and should just go die.

PEOPLE!  Listen up!  You are part of a society.  Act civilized.  Be considerate.  Check yourself before your wreck yourself.  Don’t make me quote Ice Cube.  Dammit!



Dear Voters

In particular Bernie Sanders supporters.  And really anyone who is thinking like Susan Sarandon is right now.  Bernie is running for the Democratic Party nomination.  He is not running for the Green Party nomination, the Independent party nomination or any other nomination.  He is running for the Democratic Party nomination.  If he does not win, which as of right now is a real possibility, although Hillz is certainly not a shoo-in right now, the people who have registered Democrat need to step in line and support the party nomination.  Period.  Not behave like petulant children Susan.  I’m not thrilled with this process but this is the process by which we as a country have legislated that elections occur.  Gerrymandered?  Hell yes.  But it’s an even playing field.  Everyone has to follow the same convoluted jacked up rules.  Even Bernie.  The independent Senator from Vermont.  So run a clean campaign.  We all Feel the Bern.  And I for one am happy for what you are accomplishing, but when the nominee is chosen, get in line.  Because if you don’t you’re going to be building the greatest wall the world has ever seen.

Now for The Donald.  Dear Republicans, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  This is what you bring us?  An over inflated orange tinted combed over buffoon?  Are you all stupid?  Did you know that if The Donald had taken all of the money he inherited from Daddy and put it in a mutual fund, he’d be twice as wealthy as he is today.  Repeat.  Money he inherited from Daddy.  Lost a lot of it.  And he’s such a great businessman?  He’s an empty suit.  When was the last time they ran out some elitist Daddy’s boy?  What happened?  Oh yeah, 9-11.  And then we invaded the wrong country.  In seven years he couldn’t find a 6’5″ Arab in the desert with a kidney dialysis machine and an entourage.  Obama shut that shit down pretty quickly didn’t he?  Shall we talk about the mess that Arnold made of California?  He “leveraged” everything and almost buried the entire state.  He nearly destroyed the 5th largest economy in the world.  So much that we aren’t in the top five any more.  So I have to ask the Republicans one more time Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?